Hospice Dream Application Preview

Dream Applicant, friends or family members may not use this application; ONLY a hospice representative may submit this. If the Dream Applicant is NOT under hospice care, please complete the General Application available on our web site.

Please Note: We HIGHLY recommend printing out the entire application here for reference before filling out this form.

Dear Hospice Representative,

The Dream Foundation is a wish granting organization for adults with a life limiting illness and a life expectancy of one year or less. We do our very best to grant dreams for those unable to create them on their own.

We are a small nonprofit organization based in Santa Barbara, California. We receive hundreds of requests from across the country and review each dream request as quickly as possible. By working together, with people helping people, we will make every effort to make your patient’s dream come true.

From the Heart,
Dream Foundation Staff


Help us to help you make your dream come true…

  • Please read this form very carefully and follow all the instructions to complete all the steps necessary to make your patient’s dream come true.
  • By providing as accurate and current life expectancy as possible helps expedite application.
  • You will find many answers to your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Incomplete applications will delay processing of the application, please submit all required information.

We regret that we are unable to grant the following types of dreams:

  • Requests for adults with chronic illnesses, unless they are in their last years of life
  • Requests from individuals living outside the United States
  • Cash
  • Surprise dreams
  • Reimbursements for completed dreams
  • Legal assistance
  • Automobiles, Lifts, Repairs and RV Rentals
  • Hunting
  • Property and home improvements and repairs
  • Funeral arrangements or posthumous requests
  • Travel outside of the United States
  • Medical treatment/supplies/equipment/transportation or dental extractions
  • Cruises

You can fill out our application online or by downloading and mailing to our Santa Barbara Office.  If you fill out the online application, we recommend you still download and print a copy so you have all the information ready.

We cannot process any incomplete applications.  So please read our Dream FAQs and the above information before beginning the application.  If you don’t file taxes, just let us know about it and if you can, provide a copy of the signature page of your most recent tax return (Form 1040) or other proof of annual income (e.g. SSI, Disability Statement or Bank Statement).

Click here to download the application.


Begin Online Application

For assistance with your online application, please contact sonia@dreamfoundation.org or call (805) 564-2131 x107