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Photo Credit: Kelly Sweda Photography

To keep everyone involved in Dreams safe during the pandemic, we follow all CDC guidelines when considering and fulfilling Dream requests.



Flower Empower Program Overview

Flower Empower is just one of Dream Foundation’s many programs that benefit the community and help Dream Foundation to fulfill our dream-granting mission.

Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower program is a Santa Barbara-based, volunteer-driven program that delivers floral bouquets, fresh-baked cookies, fine chocolates and cards that are hand made by school children and other groups and individuals to people in hospices, cancer centers and their homes. Volunteers prepare dozens of arrangements using donated flowers. Flower delivery referrals come from cancer centers, nurses, social workers, hospices, elder support organizations and the community at large.

Since its inception in 1994, the program has served thousands of community members by providing more than 100,000 bouquets, cookies (homemade by longtime Flower Empower Supporter, Robin Himovitz), artisanal chocolates (provided by Chocolats du CaliBressan) and cards.

Since the beginning of 2020, Flower Empower has delivered an unprecedented 25,000 bouquets and orchids to our community, including to front line and essential workers. Volunteers donated 10,000 handmade cards and logged 5,000 volunteer hours for the program.

To refer a flower recipient, contact Dream Foundation by email (flowerempower@dreamfoundation.org) or phone (805.564.2131) with your name and phone number, the name and address of the person you’re referring, and why you believe they should receive flowers. Perhaps he or she has lost a loved one, is recovering from surgery, has received a devastating diagnosis, is having a first or last chemo treatment, is in the hospital or a rehabilitation facility. A flower recipient can be anyone within Santa Barbara County that is in need of cheer.

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Photo Credit: Kelly Sweda Photography

Our Flower Empower Partners

Santa Barbara County is rich in agricultural history. It’s the largest high-quality cut-flower producing region in the state and country. Local growers are generous in providing donations of beautiful cut flowers and plants to the Flower Empower program.

In addition to bouquets, flower recipients enjoy fresh-baked cookies, homemade and donated by the Himovitz Family, and artisanal chocolates, donated by Chocolats du CaliBressan (Jill-Marie and Jean-Michel Carre.)

Chocolats du CaliBressan
Hilltop Flowers Inc.
Maximum Nursery
Myriad Flowers
Trader Joe’s
Westerlay Orchids
Westland Floral
  • Chocolats du CaliBressan
  • Florabundance
  • Hilltop Flowers Inc.
  • Maximum Nursery
  • Myriad Flowers
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Westerlay Orchids
  • Westland Floral
  • Chocolats du CaliBressan

    Those of you already familiar with “Le CaliBressan” from France can now enjoy Jean-Michel’s delicious artisan chocolates created fresh right here in the United States! If you are not already acquainted with us and our chocolates, please explore the surprising imagination of Chef Jean-Michel and his wife Jill. Website: http://www.chococalibressan.com/
  • Florabundance

    Florabundance is located in Carpenteria where the mountains of the Los Padres Forest meet the Pacific Ocean, just south of Santa Barbara, California. The fertile flower growing conditions coupled with favorable temperatures ensure a steady harvest of California grown fresh cut flowers and foliages. Our flower packaging techniques are highly developed allowing us to offer a 100% quality guarantee. We invite you to tour our newly improved site, sign-up for our newsletter, and shop online in our store designed for the floral professional. Florabundance is known for excellent and knowledgeable customer service. Website: http://www.fabulousflorals.com/
  • Hilltop Flowers Inc.

  • Maximum Nursery

    Our commitment keeps Maximum Nursery on the cutting edge. The environment, our customers and our employees are our keys to success. Maximum Nursery Inc, the "oldest" grower of gerbera daisies in the United States of America has been in the forefront in producing high quality gerberas for over 30 years. Website: http://maximumnursery.com/
  • Myriad Flowers

    Myriad Flowers is located along California's Central Coast about 5 miles south of Santa Barbara. With 14 acres of Rose greenhouses, 4 acres of Pompon greenhouses, and 20 acres of field flowers, Myriad Flowers sits on three separate locations throughout the Carpinteria Valley. Along with the Roses and Pompons, upcoming crops of Tulips, Iris, Miniature Carnations and Misty Blue will be soon be added to our current field production of Gypsophilia, Statice, Solidaster and Sunflower. Website: http://www.myriadflowers.com
  • Trader Joe’s

    It's not complicated. We just focus on what matters — great food + great prices = Value. Website: http://traderjoes.com/
  • Westerlay Orchids

    Founded in 1978 as Westerlay Roses, Westerlay Orchids is a family-owned and operated commercial grower of orchids located in Carpinteria, California. The company was started by Joe Overgaag following his emigration from the Netherlands to Carpinteria, and later he earned the distinction of being among the first in the nation to widely apply hydroponic growing technology to flowers. Website: http://www.westerlayorchids.com/
  • Westland Floral

  • Chocolats du CaliBressan
  • Florabundance
  • Hilltop Flowers Inc.
  • Maximum Nursery
  • Myriad Flowers
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Westerlay Orchids
  • Westland Floral

Flower Empower Network

We are also looking for florists across the country and volunteers in the Santa Barbara area who would like to donate their time and floral arrangements, and deliver them to Dream recipients and their families.

If you are interested in volunteering for Flower Empower in Santa Barbara, or joining the Flower Empower Network, please contact flowerempower@dreamfoundation.org.

Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower recipients’ joy is enough to justify our work, but the healing power of flowers is proven to have a positive effect on health and well-being. Several studies confirm the positive impact that flowers have on the emotional wellness of medical patients including:

  • Patients who viewed plants had shorter hospitalizations than those patients without plants. (Therapeutic Influences of Plants in Hospital Rooms on Surgical Recovery, Kansas State University, February 2009)
  • Flowers chase away anxieties, worries and the blues at home. (Home Ecology of Flowers Study, Harvard University, September 2006 )
  • Seniors who received flowers re-engaged with members of their communities and enlarged their social contacts to include more neighbors, religious support and even medical personnel. (Flowers & Seniors Study, Human Development Lab at Rutgers University, 2001)

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Photo Credit: Kiel Rucker, Head & Heart Photography

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