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Dream Foundation Dreams not only touch the lives of Dream recipients, but also those of their families. Nearly 25 percent of Dream recipients have young children living at home. Dream Foundation’s Dream Toy Program reaches hundreds of children each year who are losing a loved one. Our dedicated volunteers fill boxes with hand-selected toys that are delivered to Dream recipients across the country to give to the children in their lives. With each unexpected gift, we provide an opportunity to create happy memories and smiles. Thanks to the generosity of Hasbro and Ty, Inc., Dream Foundation delivers thousands of toys each year. In 2022, the Dream Toy program logged over 408 volunteer hours and, as a result, we delivered 930 toys to 189 families.

“The toys and games were chosen perfectly for them and they have given the kids great comfort. I can’t thank you enough nor tell you quite adequately how meaningful this package was to all of us. It just felt like a box of pure love.”  – Colleen, family Dream Toy recipient

If you reside in the Santa Barbara, Calif., area and would like to volunteer for the Dream Toy Program, please email us at volunteers@dreamfoundation.org.

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