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Inspire and unite your team! The right workplace giving program can bring fun to work, enhance your corporate social responsibility program and connect your people with your community. It can even help your team engage with your mission!

The average cost of a Dream is $2,300

Jannie’s reunion with her granddaughter was made possible by the gifts of others like you.

Give life to final Dreams with Dream Foundation

Dream Foundation gives life to final Dreams for terminally-ill adults and their families across the nation. From family vacations and reunions to requests for essential items, every Dream provides inspiration, comfort and closure when it’s most needed. And each Dream is made possible thanks to you and others like you. Sign up for payroll giving or organize a fundraiser at work and help make Dreams come true!

Support our veterans

Support our Dreams for Veterans program with workplace giving and you’ll be helping make final Dreams come true for those who served or who currently serve on active duty.

Your workplace giving program will help people like Linda, whose Dream allowed her to experience her first trip to the ocean with her grandchildren. Image: Else Bartee Photography

Payroll Giving—regular gifts that add up to Dreams

Making a gift with automated payroll deductions is an easy way to support Dreams and gives you the tax benefits of charitable giving. We can help you set this up. If your employer uses the Benevity platform, look for Dream Foundation. You can make one-time gifts or set up regular payroll deductions direct through the platform!


Many employers offer matched gift contributions, multiplying each gift you make up to a specified amount. Contact your Human Resources or Charitable Giving Department to learn more about your company’s program.

Organize a fundraiser with your colleagues

Recruit local restaurants for a dinner draw for donations, host a virtual gaming fundraiser or raffle off the use of executive parking spaces for six months. Any activity can be turned into a fundraiser for Dreams!


Global healthcare marketing agency Harrison and Star raised funds for Dreams as part of parent company Omnicom’s Health Group’s 30-day interagency Fitbit challenge. Colleagues teamed up to support and embrace the same active, personal choices that they want their patients and physicians to encourage.

Harrison and Star’s Fitbit fundraising challenge gave its people a better understanding of their work.


Marketing services agency Wiland, Inc, made Dream Foundation the recipient for one of their bi-annual “Have A Heart” campaigns, where 250 employees take part in a fundraising drive for a cause of their choice. Wiland, Inc. generously matched the funds raised from a Chili Cook-Off, a Beard Growing Contest and three pay periods where people designated donations to Dream Foundation, raising over $10,000—enough to fulfill around four Dreams!

Wiland, Inc. held a Chilli-Cook-Off as part of its bi-annual “Have a Heart” fundraiser, raising enough to make around four Dreams come true!

Can we help?

Wherever and however you work, we can help you develop an employee giving campaign that inspires and unites your team. Or one that connects your people with your mission. We can also help design an overall marketing plan for your campaign, including materials, web content and messaging. Contact us at (805) 564-2131 or to learn more about how we can help bring added meaning to every job with workplace giving for Dream Foundation.

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