Sandra Adopt a Dream


Sandi, a Wisconsin native, say she was “born to be a Chicago Bears fan” and spent her teenage years watching the Bears and her favorite running back, Walter Payton, play. However, between financial constraints, the distance between Wisconsin and Chicago, and the devastating loss of her son, Bruno, to Muscular Dystrophy, Sandi has never been able to see her Bears play at home. Now, struggling with cancer and with a life expectancy of fewer than 12 months, Sandi’s dream is to watch the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers with her two friends who have helped her get through the obstacles and challenges she has faced. The opportunity to travel to Chicago would be life changing, allowing Sandi to make unforgettable memories with her friends and her favorite team, and experience a well-deserved break from the daily struggles she endures at home.

Sara Adopt a Dream


As a single mother, life has already provided plenty of challenges for 34-year-old Sara and her five-year old daughter. Having only been diagnosed with gastric cancer recently, she relies heavily on her faith, determined to have more time with her daughter. Sara’s dream is to visit Disneyland with her daughter and parents, an opportunity she could never realize on her own as a result of her hefty medical bills. Sara hopes to make this lasting memory a reality for her family, particularly her little girl.

Norman Adopt a Dream


52-year-old Norman was diagnosed with ALS in 2013 and his first reaction was considerable fear. But after reading a book that suggests writing a personal bucket list, Norman decided to not give into his disease. Instead, he began looking for support among other people living with ALS. He found an ALS support group an hour and a half away, but sadly they only meet every three months. His wish is for a laptop and printer in order that he may begin his own online support group with much more frequent interaction. Norman hopes that by realizing his dream, he will be able to support others who face the same challenges and help improve their quality of life as well.

Juanita Adopt a Dream


Seventy-nine-year-old Juanita was recently admitted to hospice with a primary diagnosis of breast cancer followed by lung metastasis. Living with her son, who acts as her primary caregiver, Juanita faces new challenges everyday. While trying to think of a dream she would enjoy to see become a reality, she quickly decided on a pair of prescription glasses. According to Juanita’s social worker, “Juanita had several dreams in mind, but after considering her choices, felt a new pair of glasses would provide her with a better quality of life and affect her everyday needs the most.”

Phyllis Adopt a Dream


Phyllis is 76 years old and has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Already struggling with several other medical conditions, she has become homebound. Used to her independence and striving with her “do-it-yourself” attitude, these difficult times have been especially challenging for Phyllis. With a six-month life expectancy, Phyllis dreams that a motorized scooter will improve her quality of life and allow her to enjoy the small pleasures of life, such as sitting on the porch, on her own.