Jodi Adopt a Dream

To have a honeymoon

Jodi married the love of her life in 1983. At the young age of just 18, Jodi and her husband never had a honeymoon. Since then they have raised three children, satisfying their every need and providing a wonderful, and loving life. Now, Jodi dreams of taking her husband to New York City for the honeymoon they never had. Because her husband is a U.S. military veteran, she hopes to visit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and the Statue of Liberty. She also hopes to see a taping of Saturday Night Live or Jimmy Fallon, saying “they are so funny and help to forget all the problems and pain from the cancer.” This trip to New York would give Jodi and her husband the opportunity to create a memory that would be truly extraordinary.

Nora Adopt a Dream

To see The National Museum of American History

For their 25th wedding anniversary, Nora and her husband Larry went to Washington D.C. On this trip they were able to see everything they wanted with the exception of one building: The National Museum of American History. The couple always planned to go back one day, but due to her illness they were never able to make it happen. Nora now dreams to return to the nation’s capitol one last time to visit the museum she’s always longed to see. This dream would not just give Nora and Larry the opportunity see a historical site, but to create lasting memories of their time together..

Hoyt Adopt a Dream

To enhance the quality of his life with a lift chair

Hoyt is 86 years old and has been diagnosed with coronary artery disease. He spends much of his time in his lift chair, which is old and has started to fall apart. Due to financial constraints he is unable to purchase a new one. With a life expectancy of fewer than six months, Hoyt dreams that a new lift chair will dramatically enhance the quality of his life, allowing him to spend his time much more comfortably.

Dana Smith Adopt a Dream

To go on one last vacation with her family

Dana is a 34-year-old woman who has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. At such a young age, she relies heavily on her faith, determined to have more time and memories with her family, particularly her cousin who she spends most of her time with. Dana dreams to go on one last vacation together as a family to Gattlinburg, Tennessee, an opportunity she could never realize on her own because of her medical bills. Dana dreams to escape the daily confines of her illness and have fun with her family, making memories that can last them a lifetime.

Althea Adopt a Dream


Althea is the mother of five children, the eldest being 31 and the youngest only five years old. Due to her illness, Althea is unsure of how many more birthdays she will be able to spend with her children. Her dream is to give her five-year-old son a “grand” party for his sixth birthday, making the event as memorable as possible for her little boy. She wishes to give him gifts, including an Xbox and a red bicycle, which she’s sure will bring a smile to his face. Althea says that seeing “a huge smile on his face is therapy enough.” A festive birthday celebration would give Althea the opportunity to celebrate this milestone in her son’s life and create a truly unforgettable moment for her entire family.