Tasha Adopt a Dream

To find peace in paradise

Tasha has been battling cancer since she was 10 years old. Now 25, doctors recently found that she has multiple types of cancer and they estimate a life expectancy of three months. Throughout her life she has always dreamt of visiting a beautiful beach, but the cost and physical tolls of her years in treatment meant she never got the chance. After her recent diagnosis her family packed everything in a van with about a thousand dollars among them and moved to a different state just to get her closer to the best treatment facility they could find. They found a place to live and jobs after they arrived, because all the family wanted was to try to save Tasha. Because of all that her family has sacrificed, she wants a family trip to the ocean now more than ever. She says, “A vacation in paradise would be relaxing and stress free. I hope to find peace and comfort. I would also get to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth. Paradise has always been a dream of mine to experience.”

Martin Adopt a Dream

To say goodbye to his family

Recently diagnosed with terminal head and neck cancer, 51-year-old Martin has to drive himself to and from his chemotherapy treatments because he lives far away from his family. His finances are so tight that he wasn’t able to make it to his brother’s funeral in 2012, and hasn’t been able to visit anytime since then. Martin’s dream is to see his family again. He says, “With only a few months to live, I would like to go back home to say goodbye to my remaining family members. My brother is buried there and I have never visited his burial site or seen his headstone.” He has a sister in Ohio, nieces and nephews, and even grand- nieces and nephews. With a prognosis of less than six months all he can think of is the chance to visit them. Martin says “This trip would help me feel a sense of relief and closure with my family. I sincerely believe that if this dream is granted it would lift my spirits and help me say goodbye to my family.”

Robin Scoins is diagnosed with a terminal lung condition. She was just granted her dream of taking her three children to Disneyland for one final family trip.

FORT COLLINS – Robin Scoins doesn’t much time left with her kids. So, she wanted to make the most of the time she has left.

“It could be three to six months, three to nine months, a year,” Scoins said. “Yeah, I’m kind of living on borrowed time.”

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Lee Adopt a Dream

To go “behind-the-scenes” with his favorite baseball team

For the last two years, 28-year-old Lee’s life has revolved around his illness. Even though he’s gone through three surgeries, and multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, he refuses to lose hope. Lee firmly says, “I will continue to do whatever it takes.” He says he has “loved the Boston Red Sox forever,” and has seen them play before. Now that doctors are saying he has only months to live, he dreams of seeing them play one last time. He longs for the opportunity to shake the players’ hands, and maybe see a batting practice before a game, so he can feel like a part of his beloved team if only for a day. Lee says special behind-the-scenes access like that, and hopefully good seats, would be “the cherry on top” to complete his final dream.

Captain Bob Sets Sail With Friends and Family

0055“Captain Bob” says saltwater runs through his veins. Despite battling lung disease and needing a wheelchair, the 93-year-old Army veteran dreamt of going out on a nice boat again to enjoy the ocean breeze on the water.

With the support of many wonderful people and businesses in the community Dream Foundation was able to send Captain Bob back out on the ocean with his friends and family, and he said he “loved every moment of it!”