SOMERSWORTH, N.H. ( — A Somersworth, New Hampshire woman was granted her dying wish Thursday when her best friend showed up on her doorstep after being apart for 20 years.

Fifty year old Stephanie Defalco was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in June of 2012. Just last month, her condition worsened and she was given one to three months to live. That was reduced to one to three days last weekend when Defalco took a turn for the worse. That’s when she made one request; to see her long lost friend, Ann Hollenbeck.

The two met as neighbors in 1983 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and made an instant connection. They were inseparable until circumstances brought Hollenbeck to Indiana and the two lost touch. Neither are computer savvy so social media was not an option for staying in touch. They were reunited Thursday though, thanks to Defalco’s three kids who tracked Hollenbeck down and coordinated with the Dream Foundation to get her back out to N.H.

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MESA, Ariz. — A Mesa man who is battling cancer is about to have the dream of his life fulfilled.

Robert Gordon, 58, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Doctors have given him 12 months or less to live.

Dream Foundation, a nationwide wish-granting organization, heard about his plight and that his dream of visiting Disneyland has never been fulfilled, due to financial constraints.

The foundation has changed that.

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Though Lorraine Helton is confined to a hospital bed and has to take multiple medicines to reduce pain and bleeding from chronic liver disease and its complications, she gets a smile on her face and her eyes light up when she talks about her granddaughter, Heather Barbary.

Heather, who lives in Rhode Island, traveled here Thursday with her boyfriend, Zachary Marchand, their 18-month-old daughter, Addison Marchand, and Heather’s son, Christopher Lavery, 8. Friday morning, Heather walked into Helton’s bedroom and gave her grandmother a huge kiss.

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Jose Adopt a Dream

To see his first baseball game in person

78-year-old Jose remembers the first baseball game he ever experienced. It was a Dodgers game, and he heard it on the radio. He even remembers the name of the announcer  – Jaime Jarrín – because he had such a good voice. Over thirty years later the Dodgers are still Jose’s favorite team but he has yet to see a game in person. He suffers from lung cancer with a prognosis of six months or less, and hopes his dream of seeing the team play in person comes true. He says, back when he heard his first game, that “the announcer made it sound very exciting.” He wants to take his family so they can all experience the exhilaration of his first live baseball game together.

Tony Adopt a Dream

To meet his great-grandson for the first time

Although Tony is no longer to move his hands or feet due to Gillian-Barre syndrome, he still makes every attempt to spend time with his family. According to his social worker, Tony and his wife “are family oriented, and spending time with their grand- and great-grandchildren bring them the most joy.” Tony became ill about two years ago, and doctors now say he has about six months left. Due to his illness, he has never seen his one-year-old great-grandson Ezekiel – the only member of his family he hasn’t met. His social worker says, “Tony knows his time is limited, and what he desires most is to visit his great-grandson.”