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Amber dreamed of one last family vacation.

Every Dream is made possible thanks to someone like you

Inspired by every person, business, church group, sorority and school club that has raised funds for Dreams over the years, here’s where you’ll find many ways to help make Dreams come true!



Your gifts help make the final Dreams of terminally-ill adults and their families across the nation come true.
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Elvera dreamed of being close to the horses she loves


U.S. Army and Vietnam veteran Billy took his family on the “Huey” helicopter he rode during the war

Dreams for veterans

Dreams for Veterans honors our veterans’ service by fulfilling their final Dreams, providing them, their families and caregivers inspiration, comfort and closure at the end of life.

Your gifts help terminally-ill U.S. military veterans who served from World War II to the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and every conflict in between; those who served during peacetime or who currently serve on active duty, in the Reserve and National Guard.
One-time Gift Give Monthly


Raise Funds for Dreams


Raise Funds on Social

Launch a fundraiser to support our Dream program or our Dreams for Veterans program!

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Inspire Friends & Followers

Post photos of your fundraisers to your social channels and tag us so we can thank you!

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Start your own fundraiser

Hold a bake sale, dinner party, or partner with a local restaurant to donate profits to Dream Foundation. Invite friends to donate to Dreams in place of birthday gifts.

Start your own fundraiser

Contact our development department,

Funeral/Celebration of Life donations

Refer donations made via memorial services, funerals, celebrations of life, and “in lieu of flowers” listings to support Dreams.

Funeral/Celebration of Life donations

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to Dream Foundation, 1528 Chapala St., Suite 304, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, or online.

Your gift will help make the final Dreams of terminally-ill adults and their families come true.

Create a Tribute Page

Create a tribute page on Facebook and/or Instagram to celebrate special occasions, honor someone with a terminally-ill disease or remember a loved one and raise funds for Dreams or Dreams for Veterans.

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Fundraise with a livestream

Inspire your viewers to help make Dreams come true or support Dreams for Veterans while streaming your favorite game on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

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Workplace Giving

Inspire and unite your team! Bring fun to work, enhance your corporate social responsibility program and connect your people with your mission and community.
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Workplace giving

Genentech employees give their time

Dream Spring Flower Box

With the purchase of this Dream Spring Flower Box, created by Fabulous Florals of Carpinteria, you are supporting Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower Program. The Box contains an array of freshly cut flowers, with the option to choose colorful or white. You can experience the bouquet making part of Flower Empower in the convenience of your home. Make a bouquet for yourself, share one with a friend or neighbor and enjoy the experience! Flowers will vary due to season.

Price $150 (does not include shipping cost)
Order a Flower Box in White Order a Flower Box in Color



Donor advised funds

A Donor Advised Fund is like an investment account for the sole purpose of supporting nonprofits you care about.

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Planned Giving

When you include Dream Foundation in your estate plan, you are playing an important role in sustaining the future of Dreams.

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Stock or Mutual Funds

See combined tax savings of up to 70% of your gift, when you donate appreciated stocks or mutual funds.

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IRA Disbursements

If you are over 72 years old, you can make a gift through your annual Required Minimum Distribution.

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Non-Fungible Tokens

See tax savings when you donate your non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to help make Dreams come true.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Contact our development department,


See tax savings and help make Dreams come true when you donate your cryptocurrencies.


Contact our development department,



Make a Dream recipient smile with Amazon, a gift card or a greeting card!


Amazon Wish List

Purchase items for Dreams on our Amazon Wish List!

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Gift Cards

Donate Visa gift cards, gas cards and restaurant gift cards of chain restaurants and gift cards for Home Depot and Walmart.

Gift Cards

Contact our Vice President of Programs

Calling for Greeting Cards

Every week, we send out hundreds of greeting cards hand-made by volunteers from kids in school and from people who work for our corporate partners.

You can send individual cards, or as many as you like, made as follows:

    • Use cardstock paper, cut in half on the long side.
    • Fold each ½ page in half and decorate the front of the card.
    • Please leave them blank inside, but for kids, do add “Made for you by (first name)” on the reverse side of the card.
    • Please provide envelopes if you can, as these will be mailed.

Send them to:
Dream Foundation Card Project, 1528 Chapala Street, Suite 304, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

If you’d like a receipt for the cards, please let us know and also note the amount of time it took you to make them. This way we are able to count the hours as volunteer time. Please send us your full name and contact information to receive a thank-you note for your contribution.

Donate your Air Miles

We are proud to partner with major airlines. You can donate your miles with Alaska Airlines and United Airlines and encourage others to give theirs to Dream Foundation’s charity mileage banks.
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donate your air miles

Your donated miles helped Elana visit New Orleans with her son


You can donate almost any vehicle to help make Dreams come true through CARS. Your vehicle will be picked up and sold and the proceeds turned into a tax-deductible donation.
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Dream Foundation’s Dream Vacation Rental Network is a network of rental property owners across the nation and in Puerto Rico who donate and discount their rental properties, making hundreds of Dreams possible every year.

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From capturing family portraits to documenting family reunions or celebrations of life, our Dream Photography Network members offer cherished keepsakes that document happy memories for our Dream recipients, their families and loved ones.

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We are looking for florists across the country and volunteers in the Santa Barbara area who would like to donate their time and floral arrangements and deliver them to Dream recipients and their families, to brighten their day.

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Dream plaza

Dream Plaza

Celebrate a birth, graduation, wedding or anniversary. Commemorate a business milestone. Remember a loved one. Create a unique family heirloom.

Choose a Dream Plaza stone to be dedicated with an elegant name engraving for different levels of tax-deductible contribution.

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