Lahaina businesses work together to make another dream come true

Dreamer Stories | In the News | February 1, 2018

LAHAINA – If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and told you had the opportunity to fulfill one dream, what would that be? For Rebecca Golden, a 59-year-old Sun City West, Arizona, Air Force Veteran with terminal lung cancer, her dream was to see the island of Maui with her son, Ryan.

Golden has been living with a permanent disability since her discharge from the Air Force and has spent most of her life caring for others, never allowing the time or funds to fulfill her own dream.

When Rebecca was a young child, her parents went on a vacation to Hawaii.

“I have seen pictures of how beautiful it is there,” she explained, “and all of my life, I have wanted to see it for myself. This is my deepest and only wish that I have before I pass away… I believe this trip would be so calming and serene that it would help me accept my short life expectancy and fulfill my greatest dream.”

She was selected as a recipient of Dream Foundation, a nonprofit organization that serves terminally ill adults and their families by providing end-of-life dreams.

“I had the privilege of meeting Rebecca and her son, Ryan, and it was such a joy to hear about her Maui experience,” said Coconut Condos Property Manager April Ludwick.