A Special Wish is Granted for a Cancer Patient

Dreamer Stories | In the News | May 5, 2017

A terminally ill cancer patient got her wish granted Friday with a special romantic dinner for two.

Melissa Schmid and her husband, Tony, got all dressed up and rode in a limo for a dinner at the Forest Lake Steakhouse. The Dream Foundation, which grants wishes to adults battling terminal illness, made it possible. Melissa, who’s 22 years old, has been battling a malignant tumor.

“We don’t try and focus on that terminal diagnosis. We focus on quality of life at the end of life. Instead of quantity, we really want to focus on the time we have left and make it the best as possible and the most comfortable. I think we were able to do that with Melissa,” said Kami Raymond, a social worker with Essentia Health.