Through our Dream Granting Program, we endeavor to make dreams come true for terminally ill adults. In fulfilling the last dreams of our dream recipients and their families, we strive to improve the quality of their lives in ways that medicine alone cannot. Through this non-traditional, palliative form of healthcare, Dream Foundation provides those at the end of life’s journey with a sense of resolution, completion and peace. In 2014, we served our milestone 20,000th dream.

Dream Guidelines

Dream Foundation grants requests to adults age 18 and over whose life expectancy, confirmed by their physicians, is one year or less. Applicants must be able to affirm that their resources are limited to the point that they cannot manifest a request for themselves. To request a dream, potential recipients may download and print an application or contact Dream Foundation to have an application mailed to them.

Please note that we CANNOT grant the following types of dreams:
  • Requests for adults with chronic illnesses
  • Requests from individuals living outside the United States.
  • Cash
  • Surprise Dreams
  • Reimbursements for completed dreams
  • Legal assistance
  • Automobiles, Lifts, Repairs and RV rentals
  • Hunting
  • Property and home improvements
  • Funeral arrangements or posthumous requests
  • Travel outside the United States
  • Medical treatment/supplies/equipment
  • Cruises

To Request a Dream

General Dream Applications

You can download and print the application, or fill it out online.

Hospice Dream Application

If you are a hospice worker filling out an application for a patient. Please use this form.

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