Genentech’s ‘Laps for Living’ at Motiva Motor Speedway Aims to Raise Funds for Dream Foundation

Dream Foundation—the only national dream-granting organization for adults and their families battling life-threatening illness—will be the sole beneficiary of Genentech’s 4th Annual ‘Laps for Living’ event, which will be held Saturday from 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at Albuquerque’s Motiva Motor Speedway. Press is invited to attend. The drivers will be on-hand for interviews. 

Started in 2011 by Her2 Franchise Division Manager David Polei after learning about Dream Foundation at Genentech’s annual national sales meeting, Laps for Living raises funds to make terminally ill adults’ final dreams come true.

“This year, nine of us will be driving Legend racecars,” Polei says. “Each driver pays all expenses associated with this event. We will be driving 50 laps each to raise funds. I was inspired by the mission of Dream Foundation from the get-go, and I wanted to find an opportunity to raise funds for the organization.”

The idea behind Laps for Living came from Polei’s lifelong hobby of racing motorcycles.

“For our first event, five of us went to North Carolina and drove dirt cars for the day,” Polei continues,.“We raised $500. The next year we drove indie cars in Orlando. Last year we drove NASCARs at the Texas Motor Speedway. We’re committed to doing this every year.”

Saturday’s drivers are five Genentech employees and four others, including three Albuquerque residents.

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