The Story of a Prolific Texas Storyteller and Musician You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

TS_brand As a 12-year-old, Seguin-born and Corpus Christi-bred Charles Boeckman won an essay contest at school. He says he was blown away by the cash prize: a quarter.

After he won that contest, Boeckman says he decided he wasn’t going to spend his life working for someone else. Instead, he would become a freelance writer.

Boeckman’s natural love of reading served as the bedrock for his self-education. He also read and studied the great writers, psychologists and philosophers.

Boeckman started his writing career by selling children’s stories to newspapers. Then, he moved on to the “pulps,” which were wildly popular short story magazines printed on cheap, pulpy paper. They sold for ten or fifteen cents. Boeckman carved out a name for himself as a mystery/suspense and western short story author. (Read more)

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