Race fan witnesses Earnhardt, Jr win

CADILLAC — What would your dying wish be if you could have anything?

That’s what Doris Rudolph asked her 54-year old brother on a long drive to lung cancer treatments last May.

After he revealed his wish, Doris, along with Mercy Hospice and the Dream Foundation, worked to make it come true.

On June 17, David Childs had front row seats at a NASCAR race where Dale Earnhardt Jr. was racing.

That was Childs’ dying wish — to see Earnhardt race.

With Childs in attendance, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won his first NASCAR race in four years.


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Fashion Makes Dreams Come True, Literally for Dream Foundation

You’re walking down the street when a passerby’s accessory catches your eye. It’s a saddle-brown leather wrap with a turquoise-hued bead and a small wishbone charm. What you may consider to be a fashion statement is actually  also helping people everywhere with incurable diseases fulfill their dreams.

That bracelet is part of the Dream Foundation’s DREAM FOR 21 bracelet campaign, a fundraising campaign that hopes to provide final dreams for 21 individuals, a donation equal to $21,000. Now in its second year, the concept for DREAM FOR 21 was originally created by a 20-year-old named Austin Spivey, who hoped to honor the loss of a friend by selling bracelets and putting the money towards others’ dreams. For 2012-2013, the bracelet was designed by 21-year-old Annabelle Martin, who dreams of seeing another 21 dreams fulfilled during her 21st year of life. Last year, $36,000 was raised by Austin’s bracelets.

Dream Foundation on the Radio

Kym, 44, of Greenbelt, Maryland has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and has received a prognosis of one year or less. Her dream is to take her children to Orlando, where they can visit Disney World and other area theme parks.

A single mother, Kym has relied on the caretaking abilities of her 8-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. The trip is her chance to treat her children to an unforgettable vacation, allowing them to reclaim some of their childhood that has been lost due to her illness. She can’t wait to see their faces light up at the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Dream Foundation has granted this wish!

Kym and her family will be in Orlando for five days at the beginning of September, where they will visit Disney World, Universal Orlando, and Sea World Orlando.

Man with cancer turns 300 bowling ball into urn


A Wilkins Township man with stage 4 prostate cancer is planning for the inevitable in a very unique way.

Tony Guarino received his diagnosis four years ago. Now, his love for bowling is part of his dying wish. When the time comes, Tony will use as an urn the ball with which he bowled his only 300 game. The ball was customized so that his wife can place his ashes inside.

“I’ve been bowling for 44 years. When I was 4, my grandfather used to take me up to my uncle’s place,” Tony told Channel 11 News.

Dream Foundation grants local man’s wish

David Culp, 23, has been in love with her ever since he can remember. He even carries a framed poster of her with him all over his grandparents’ home. And today he will be flying to Los Angeles to see her.

This isn’t describing Culp’s spouse or a girlfriend. Instead, it describes Vanna White, the television personality best known for making each letter appear before our eyes on “Wheel of Fortune.”