Dream Foundation & The Flower Empower Program

During my May Days marathon I’ve been exposed to some amazing nonprofits – and I’ve been asked by many people “if you could work at anyone of them, which one would you pick?”. I’d have to say that my answer would probably be Dream Foundation. You’ll understand why very soon.

Before May, I didn’t know much about Dream Foundation. All I knew was that my dear friend, Diana Wilson, was at one time on their board of directors. Diana has been my main consultant / therapist / witch doctor throughout the development of Just a Little Push. Diana is one of the coolest and most intelligent women I know – oh yeah, and she was the president of Deckers and just so happened to take them public. So, yeah, she’s kind of a superhero and I’m lucky to be able to pick her (huge) brain!

Anyways, since Dream had a special place in Diana’s heart, I had to check them out. I called them and was immediately put in touch with Kaitlyn Turner their Manager of Volunteer Services. Kaitlyn seriously could not have been more excited about my project and asked me to stop by and take a tour of their offices and brainstorm with her. If I have one random skill I can be proud of, it’s that I’m pretty damn good at getting a good read on someone as soon as I meet them – and I immediately liked Kaitlyn. Note- she is now my buddy – another new friend I have gained from my May Days campaign!

Terminally ill single mother wins ‘dream vacation’

A veteran of the Persian Gulf War, now a resident of Cape Coral, is a reminder of how precious life really is.

On Wednesday afternoon in Fort Myers, Gloria Chisum received a dream vacation package to Disney World. That sounds great until you consider what she has gone through in the last four months.

“I don’t remember getting up that day to be honest with you,” Chisum told us while sitting at Hardees Restaurant on Palm Beach Boulevard.

Back on February 4th, she went to work at Gulfcoast Village.

“Apparently, I got in the car and don’t remember waking up to get ready for work. I made it towork and apparently collapsed at work,” Chisum said.

Hardee’s Star for Heroes campaign benefits veterans groups

(KTVI)- There is one week left to help Hardee’s raise money for veterans. Their Stars for Heroes fundraising campaign helps customers reach out to military families and veterans. When you go to your area Hardee’s restaurant, make a $1 donation and you’ll receive a coupon and your name on the wall.

Over the past two years, Stars for Heroes has raised close to $2 million. This money has gone to support more than 40 military charities, including the Dream Foundation Military Dreams, USA Cares, Homes for Our Troops, and The Mission Continues.

Athens Heart Center helps Winder woman’s last wish come true

Athens Heart Center recently helped a Winder woman fulfill a lifelong dream to visit the home of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Willie Howell, 65, traveled to Orlando, Fla., with her family last month to visit Disney World.

Already suffering from heart issues and Type 2 diabetes, Howell was diagnosed last year with terminal lung cancer.

Burlington man battles cancer and inspires others

Mitch Meacham, 51, of Burlington, didn’t realize he’d been living with a tumor the size of a small woman’s fist on his pancreas until 2006, and by then he was told it was too late.
That’s the news thousands of Americans hear when they first go to the doctor complaining of symptoms, since patients can’t usually tell there’s anything wrong until their pancreatic cancer has spread to other organs, according to the American Cancer Society.
This year alone, the American Cancer Society estimates about 45,220 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and 38,460 will die from the disease.
“By the time it’s diagnosed,” it’s pretty serious, said Tracy Berger, medical family therapist with the Duke Cancer Patient Support Program at Duke University Medical Center. “Mitch was one of those people.”