Fashion Makes Dreams Come True, Literally for Dream Foundation

You’re walking down the street when a passerby’s accessory catches your eye. It’s a saddle-brown leather wrap with a turquoise-hued bead and a small wishbone charm. What you may consider to be a fashion statement is actually  also helping people everywhere with incurable diseases fulfill their dreams.

That bracelet is part of the Dream Foundation’s DREAM FOR 21 bracelet campaign, a fundraising campaign that hopes to provide final dreams for 21 individuals, a donation equal to $21,000. Now in its second year, the concept for DREAM FOR 21 was originally created by a 20-year-old named Austin Spivey, who hoped to honor the loss of a friend by selling bracelets and putting the money towards others’ dreams. For 2012-2013, the bracelet was designed by 21-year-old Annabelle Martin, who dreams of seeing another 21 dreams fulfilled during her 21st year of life. Last year, $36,000 was raised by Austin’s bracelets.

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