Driving in NASCAR is a dream coming true for Flint man with terminal cancer

FLINT, MI — Thomas Ramey loves NASCAR because he likes to go fast.

He’d always dreamed of driving for NASCAR, but never did he think that it would take a cancer diagnosis to make his dream a reality.

A lifelong fan, Ramey’s large collection of NASCAR memorabilia contains more than 150 pieces, including blankets, T-shirts, ornaments, model cars, key chains and his prize possession, a winter coat signed by Dale Earnhardt Sr. with the words ‘The Intimidator’ on it.

Ramey said that with modern technology, he feels like he’s actually in the car with the driver when he watches the races on TV. “I find myself sitting here leaning into the curves and thinking, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t have done it that way. I wish I had a chance to do it just one time, just to see if I could do what they do,'” he said.

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