Letter From a Dreamer

Dear Shersy,

I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to do this, but I would like to personally thank you and the Dream Foundation for making my dad’s (Dennis Sr.) dream of seeing his 4 sons together one last time come through.

The last time that my parents had seen all 4 of their sons together was in April of 2002 for their 30th wedding anniversary. The last time that I had seen my parents was in March of 2010 when my wife and I went to Hawaii to get married.

Linda's Dream

A dream for an adult is a dream for the whole family

Linda's Dream 2Linda's Dream

Linda and her Family

Linda, 44, from Iowa, had never been on a family vacation – and never traveled more than two states away from her hometown. Her dream was to see the ocean for the very first time with her family, and – more specifically – she longed to visit the Northern Californian Coast.

Upon Linda’s return, she sent us these photos, saying of her experience, “The best part was watching my teenage daughters play like little kids at the beach. It’s like my illness didn’t exist that week, and they were finally free to let loose and have fun.”

As the photos convey, the family was able to experience pure, unhindered joy.


Bret Michaels Fulfills Dream

Bret Michaels Dream

Thirty-seven-year-old Greg led a perfectly healthy life until contracting multiple sclerosis at age 24. The disease hit hard and with a vengeance, causing immediate paralysis. Now mostly bed-bound and requiring round-the-clock care, Greg lives in a nursing home – and aside from twice-weekly visits from his sister and brother-in-law, spends much of his time alone.

Greg is a lifelong fan of rock musician, Bret Michaels, whose music has brought him happiness during hard times, and given him strength and motivation to remain positive. Feeling incapable of leaving his room and realizing his dream of meeting his personal hero face-to-face, Greg wished for even a brief phone conversation with the musician – if for nothing more than to thank him for touching his life with music.

Cancer Patient Gets Chance to Cheer Adopted Team

Ed and Mary Kaye at the Super Bowl!

Ed and Mary Kaye at the Super Bowl!

Arlington, Texas — The Super Bowl lived up to Ed Demyan’s expectations. His adopted team, the Green Bay Packers, prevailed over the Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25.

“You know, I’m a Cleveland Browns fan first, but I was thrilled to see the Packers beat the Steelers,” Demyan said. “If my Browns couldn’t win it, I’m glad Green Bay did. When you’re a Browns fan, or an Indians fan, or a Cavs fans, you need a backup team to root for.”

Garnetta’s Dream to See Loretta Lynn

Garnetta is an 83 year old woman losing her battle with cancer. Despite her diagnosis, Garnetta continues with her positive attitude and appreciation for life. She has always had a love for country music and a dream of seeing her idol, Loretta Lynn, in concert. In September of 2010, Garnetta’s dream came true.

The Dream Foundation provided Garnetta and her family with tickets to the concert and a hotel room for them to stay in after the show. Garnetta was able to meet and take pictures with Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter Megan and brother Herman. The concert was spectacular and while in town, Garnetta was able to tour Loretta Lynn’s Ranch which was an amazing experience for such a lifelong fan.

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