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Dream Foundation Fulfills Architecture-Student’s Final Dream to Visit Iconic Building

Santa Barbara, CA – Dream Foundation – the first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults and their families suffering life-threatening illness – will fulfill Charles Huizar’s final wish to visit Fallingwater, a famous home built over a waterfall that was designed by esteemed architect and Huizar’s personal hero, Frank Lloyd Wright. Fallingwater is largely considered Wright’s most celebrated work, and is now a National Historic Landmark.

At 10 a.m., Tuesday, June 19, Huizar, his mother and sister will be hosted at Fallingwater, in Mill Run, PA, where they will receive a private tour of the home and grounds.

Dream Foundation to Fulfill Arizona Man’s Wish to Take Final Bow with Friends and Colleagues

Santa Barbara, CA – Dream Foundation, the first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults and their families suffering life-threatening illness, will fulfill Michael “Mack” McCarthy’s final wish to reunite with those he has mentored over the years as they have collectively fought a disease that soon will take his life.

With a prognosis of fewer than six months due to advanced-stage pulmonary hypertension (PH), McCarthy, a 57-year-old El Mirage, Arizona resident and leader in the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA), will be attending the group’s biennial conference June 22-24 in Orlando – having received a scholarship enabling him to go. Dream Foundation will procure admission, airfare and hotel accommodations for McCarthy’s wife so that she may attend, too.

“I need my wife to come with me as I say my goodbyes to all my friends and peers that have walked this disease with me,” McCarthy writes in an application letter to Dream Foundation. “She has supported me with all the care and love she can muster. She is my sunshine who comforts me.” The couple has been married 35 years.
McCarthy is an active leader in PHA. Together with his wife he has founded a support group in his community, provided encouragement to patients through PHA’s online chat group as a chat group leader, contacted the media to raise awareness about the disease, and written his congressman to advocate for the PH research and education bill currently in Congress.

Pulmonary hypertension is an underdiagnosed, chronic lung disorder characterized by continuous high blood pressure in the artery between the heart and lungs. PH patients often have difficulty breathing. Short walks may leave these patients exhausted, and simple activities such as getting dressed or cleaning house can become challenging.

“PHA believes that patients with this illness have the right to fight back as much as interest and health allow,” says PHA President, Rino Aldrighetti. “Mack McCarthy is a prime example of that spirit. He is a hero. People who have gone through highly challenging experiences – such as living with PH – form an extraordinarily strong bond. Mack’s wish to be among other patients at this point in his life is a moving illustration of the deep fulfillment PH patients find in giving support to one another.”

McCarthy has immersed himself into the world of PH to help “release some of the physical and emotional torment that occur to him daily,” his social worker says, adding that his sole mission is to do everything he can to help others with the disease. “This trip is his way of saying goodbye to the community that he considers family.”

“Even in his final dream Mack is working to create awareness around pulmonary hypertension so that others may benefit from a cure,” says Dream Foundation Director of Communications, Erinn Lynch. “We are honored to serve Mack’s dream so that he and his wife may find closure with a group of people that have given him so much support.”

Dream Foundation to Fulfill Army Veteran’s Final Wish for Second Honeymoon at Niagara Falls

Santa Barbara, CA – Dream Foundation – the first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults and their families suffering life-threatening illness – will fulfill Philip Oslin’s dream to celebrate a second honeymoon with his wife before he dies.

The Oslins will receive their dream package at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, May 30th at Hardee’s® restaurant, 28199 Hwy 27, Dundee, Florida.

With a prognosis of fewer than six months due to advanced stage prostate cancer, Philip Oslin, a 62-year-old Davenport, Florida resident and Vietnam Veteran will take his wife – also his consummate caregiver – on a sightseeing trip to Niagara Falls, a place he’s always longed to see.

“I believe the overall experience of taking in nature at its best is a lifetime experience not to be missed – if at all possible,” he writes in an application letter to Dream Foundation. “I think it would be a tremendous boost emotionally and spiritually.”

In advance of the upcoming getaway, representatives from the Hardee’s restaurant in Dundee will serve as local “dream host” representatives, presenting the Oslins with their dream trip itinerary, a celebratory breakfast, and other special items gathered to enhance the dream experience. CKE Restaurants, Inc. – parent company of Carl’s Jr.® and Hardee’s brands – has been a longtime partner with Dream Foundation and, this year, pledged additional support to serve the final dreams of U.S. veterans as part of their ongoing Stars for HeroesTM campaign.

“As part of our ongoing effort to support a cause that is important to our customers, employees and franchisees, it’s our pleasure to partner with Dream Foundation through our Stars for Heroes fundraising campaign to help rally behind our nation’s veterans and fulfill their final dreams,” said Jenna Petroff, public relations and social media manager for Hardee’s and Stars for Heroes program administrator. “We’re honored Dream Foundation has chosen us to present Philip with his dream package, and our employees are excited to celebrate the occasion with him.”

Philip had served in the United States Army from 1968-1971. Stationed principally in Germany, he repaired tanks and heavy artillery, and calibrated weapons; upon his honorable discharge, he had attained the rank of sergeant.

As Dream Foundation serves the final wishes of adults nationwide from one small office in Santa Barbara, the organization works with its corporate “Partners in Dreams” and affiliated volunteers to ensure dream experiences maintain a personal touch and sense of community.

According to Dream Foundation, the CKE Restaurants, Inc. partnership not only helps fund the veteran segment of their dream service demographic, it enhances the experience for the dreamer and all who are involved.

“Phillip has served our country, and we are honored to serve his dream,” says Erinn Lynch, Community Relations Director with Dream Foundation. “He will receive a beautiful reprieve from his disease on a nature-filled second honeymoon with his wife… and who better to share in his dream than his own community, his own neighbors. We so grateful for our CKE partnership and their representatives who present our dreams with a hug, a smile, and a celebration.”

Dream Foundation To Fulfill Woman’s Final Wish For Continued Independence With Vehicle Newly Repaired By High School Auto Body Students

Santa Barbara, CA – Dream Foundation – the first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults and their families suffering life-threatening illness – will fulfill Vickie Hull’s dream to maintain her independence by replacing the transmission in her van. The organization enlisted the dedication and talents of juniors and seniors in Mr. Larry Huff’s Automotive Technology class, who repaired Vickie’s van and will be presenting her with the keys at 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, May 22, at the body shop on campus, 1001 East Knox Rd., Tempe.

Vickie, 62, of Apache Junction, is a Hospice of Arizona patient who has been diagnosed with end-stage COPD and given a limited life expectancy of fewer than six months. Due to financial constraints and the absence of family members she’s had to rely on neighbors for all semblance of transportation – including medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other daily errands – since her van became inoperable last year.

The lack of reliable transportation on her own schedule is particularly depressing for Vickie, who says she’s been entirely responsible for herself since age nine, growing up the only child of two working parents.

“Vickie has sleep disturbances related to anxiety, and worries about not being able to care for herself,” her social worker, Sylvia Close, writes in an application letter to Dream Foundation. “Having her van repaired will fulfill Vickie’s goal of living independently for as long as possible.”

As Dream Foundation serves the final wishes of adults across the country, it often collaborates with volunteers in dreamers’ communities to help fulfill wishes. While researching the means to make Vickie’s dream come true, the foundation discovered Corona del Sol had a technical education program and decided to reach out to the instructor.

Mr. Huff responded quickly to the request for help, ascertaining the repair work would be both a learning experience and a life experience for his students.

With just one hour a day of class time to work, the students have labored over the vehicle for the past two months, and – given that the school year is close to its end – stayed late in recent days in a final push to get the job done.

The Arizona summer quickly approaching, Huff and the students decided to fix Vickie’s broken air conditioner, too, which will be a surprise revealed when she first starts the ignition.

According to Erinn Lynch, Dream Foundation’s Director of Communications, part of the beauty in fulfilling dreams is the collaborative effect it creates. “We love engaging the local communities in our service,” she says. “It’s a wonderful way people can come together to take care of one another. We are privileged to fulfill Vickie’s dream.”

Dream Foundation To Fulfill Vegas Dreams for Two Women Facing End-Stage Breast Cancer

Santa Barbara, CA – Dream Foundation – the first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults and their families suffering life-threatening illness – will fulfill two Las Vegas wishes simultaneously: Connie Brown’s for a girls’ getaway with her best friend, and Mindee Paulsen’s for a kid-friendly family vacation.

Brown will be arriving from Ft. Morgan, CO, with her best friend. Paulsen will be arriving from Salt Lake City, UT, with her husband and three children (ages 4-14).

The fulfillment of these dreams is supported by a newly established corporate “Partnership in Dreams” with Dream Foundation and MGM Resorts International, operating such iconic Las Vegas resorts as MGM Grand Hotel & Casino and Circus Circus Las Vegas, among others. MGM Resorts International is supporting dreams through hotel stays and specially tailored experiences.

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