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Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower Luncheon Will Raise Funds for Community Program that Delivers Hope and Compassion to Thousands of Local Residents

DF_FE_Logo_FinalDream Foundation — the only national dream-granting organization for adults and their families battling life-threatening illness—will hold its 5th Annual Flower Empower Luncheon on Wednesday, May 13th. Net proceeds from the event are vital to supporting the volunteer-driven program.

Flower Empower would not be possible without the compassion and energy of our volunteers,” says Kisa Heyer, Dream Foundation Executive Director. “We are tremendously grateful to the businesses and individuals who generously donate their time, goods and services to make a difference in this community we cherish.”

Flower Empower Facts:

  • Flower Empower delivers locally grown flowers, fresh-baked cookies, gourmet chocolates and cards made by young volunteers to anyone from Goleta to Ventura in need of cheer.
  • This year’s program sponsors are Santa Barbara residents, Tim & Diane Brown and George & Lisa Hagerman.
  • Two days a week, roughly 15 volunteers gather at designated locations to assemble bouquets with flowers donated by a dozen local growers and distributors.
  • Flower Empower referrals come from cancer centers, nurses, doctors, hospices, elder support organizations and the community at large.
  • Flower Empower recipients do not need to be suffering from a life-threatening illness, as the recipients of Dream Foundation’s primary Dream Granting Program do.
  • The program currently delivers to 29 facilities in addition to private residences.
  • In 2014, Flower Empower delivered, on average, 150 bouquets each week and since its inception, 20 year ago, tens of thousands.

While Flower Empower was designed to remind recipients that they are surrounded by a community that cares, it has evolved into much more. Cards handmade by elementary through high school aged children accompany every bouquet delivered. Through this card-making effort, Flower Empower imparts the importance of giving back to local school children. The program highlights the value of assisting others, which can be fundamental to building confidence and self-esteem among young children.

“There’s so much children can gain from volunteering and it’s never too early to get them involved with causes that are meaningful,” Heyer adds. “We are so grateful to the schools that participate in Flower Empower and are thrilled that our card-making activities can help teach children about the importance of giving back to the community, along with the intrinsic rewards that come with helping others.”

Flower Empower also plays an important role in employee engagement programs for local businesses. Creating bouquets with co-workers provides an opportunity to build relationships, deepen engagement, and inspire and energize a workforce.

“At Deckers, community outreach and volunteerism is a very big part of our company. For our employees, Flower Empower is an opportunity to put their creativity to use in a new way and to also spend some time getting to know each other better. After our last Flower Empower event, I delivered about 25 bouquets to several locations. It was so uplifting to see the smiling faces of the recipients and to know that this happened because my co-workers here at Deckers Brands care so much about our community,” says Barbara Allcock an employee of Deckers Brands who has been a Dream Foundation volunteer since 2006.

Flower Empower does more than deliver flowers.It teaches empathy, builds youth confidence, raises social awareness, and helps strengthen and build community. Flower Empower receives no federal or state funding, relying solely on corporate and individual contributions and grants.

Dream Foundation hopes to raise awareness and its impact with its 5th Annual Luncheon. Ticketing information for the 5th Annual Flower Empower Luncheon will be available soon. For sponsorship information, please contact Stefani Canin-Mullen at stefani@dreamfoundation.org. For more information about the program please visit www.dreamfoundation.org/flower-empower.

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