Dream Foundation to Grant Final Dream
for New Recliner and Bed Sheets » Dream Foundation


Dream Foundation to Grant Final Dream
for New Recliner and Bed Sheets

Santa Barbara, CA – August 18, 2011 – Dream Foundation – the first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults and their families suffering life-threatening illness – will fulfill William Kirkpatrick’s dream to make his living space more comfortable in his final days.

The 83-year-old Colorado Springs resident – with help from his Evercare Hospice social worker – contacted Dream Foundation with his final wish from the heart. Primarily homebound, Kirkpatrick relies largely on his favorite easy chair and bed sheets to find some measure of comfort; however, the condition of his belongings is far from adequate and Kirkpatrick is not equipped financially to replace them. He has fewer than six months to live, and longs for basic human comforts.

Dream Foundation will procure a brand new recliner and sheet set Kirkpatrick can use to make his living space more restful and enjoyable. On Thursday, August 18, these items – along with other accoutrements meant to enhance the dream experience – will be hand-delivered by volunteer Evercare Hospice Dream Hosts.

As Dream Foundation hospice partners, the nurses and social workers representing Evercare Hospice nationwide serve on the front lines with dream recipients and their families, assisting in everything from application process to the personal delivery of a dream.

Kirkpatrick’s dream is only one of more than 2,000 requests Dream Foundation receives each year – many representing basic need items. According to foundation Founder and President, Thomas Rollerson, people don’t often realize what an impact basic needs items can have at the end of life journey.

“With finances stretched to the breaking point, medical bills accumulating and the strain of incurable illness taking its toll, these necessities are unattainable for many,” Rollerson says. “A new chair and sheets will make a tremendous impact on Bill’s life. We are honored to be part of his dream.”

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