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Dream Foundation To Fulfill Jasmine Strother’s Last Wish to Have 21st Birthday Party with Friends and Family

Santa Barbara, CA- On SATURDAY, MAY 7, with the help of 20-year old Dream Foundation supporter, Austin Spivey, Dream Foundation – the first national wish-granting organization for adults in the end stages of life – will fulfill Jasmine Strother’s final dream to have a once in a lifetime bash for her 21st birthday. Facing a six-month prognosis in her lifelong battle with congenital heart disease, Strother chose to have her party a couple months before her actual July 12 birthday, so that she has sufficient strength to enjoy the love of friends and family.

The 21st birthday bash will happen from 9:00 pm to 12:00 midnight at the Sheraton City Center in Baltimore, Maryland – with 100 of Strother’s friends and family members in attendance. The event will feature a deejay, professional photographer, southern-style cuisine, and Spiderman décor in the theme of black, red and white, Strother’s favorite colors. As a special feature, Charm City Cakes – of the hit TV show, Ace of Cakes – will be donating a special three-tiered, Spiderman-themed birthday cake.

Strother’s mother recently wrote to Dream Foundation with her daughter’s dream request. In her letter she noted that in August of 2010, as Strother was heading out to Charleston for her first day of college, she ended up instead at Duke Medical Center with a blood clot in her left lung, the result of her lifelong degenerative heart condition. At that time Strother was told that her prognosis was limited. Strother’s mother says, “Instead of dwelling on what could have been, Jasmine decided that she would enjoy the rest of her life as she always has – one day at a time. Her final wish is to celebrate her 21st birthday with her family and friends.”

Dream Foundation supporter, Austin Spivey, learned about Strother’s story on Dream Foundation’s “Adopt a Dream” webpage while looking into ways to raise funds for the foundation as part of her own 21st birthday celebration on August 27. Inspired by the serendipity of Strother’s final wish – and their mutual adoration of all things Spiderman – Spivey decided to officially adopt Strother’s dream (donation value of $1,000). Spivey also plans on taking the train from her home in New York to attend Stother’s party, armed with a box full of Spiderman party favors and dozens of birthday cards, which were collected from Dream Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee members.

“As I was planning my 21st birthday, I wanted something more than just a party. I wanted to make an impact,” said Spivey. “When I heard about Jasmine’s dream, it felt like kismet. Her courage and zeal for life, despite her prognosis, is a reminder for all of us to live each day to the fullest and consider every birthday a blessing. “ Spivey adds, “It’s my birthday wish to see Jasmine’s final wish honored.”

Taking her support one big step further, Spivey set forth a goal of adopting 21 Dream Foundation dreams in honor of the 21st birthdays she and Strother will celebrate this year, at the donation equivalent of $21,000. In achieving her “DREAM FOR 21” goal, Spivey designed a double wrap navy leather bracelet, which features a gold color wing charm and the message, “DREAMS FOR 21. Turning dreams into realities. Because everyone has a dream. Dream Big. Dream On. DREAM FOR 21. ♥ Dream Foundation.” The bracelets are available for purchase for $21.00 at https://www.dreamfoundation.org/2011/dream-for-21.html

“Austin and Jasmine were strangers, connected simply by a birth year and a love of Spiderman,” says Dream Foundation Founder, Thomas Rollerson. “With this dream, they will leave indelible impressions on each other’s lives.” Rollerson adds, “That’s the beauty of our service. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who gets more out of the dream experience, the dream recipient or the people making dreams come true. As an organization, we are always inspired by both the dreamer and the dream giver.”

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