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Dream Foundation Fulfills Dying Student’s Wish to Continue His Education at Home Despite Terminal Prognosis

Santa Barbara, CA – Dream Foundation – the first and largest national wish-granting organization for adults and their families suffering life-threatening illness – will fulfill Dominic Henriquez’ final wish to continue his college coursework in Computer-Aided Drafting (C.A.D.) from home, regardless of having had to take a leave of absence due to his illness.

At 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 5th, Dream Foundation volunteers from the Los Angeles- and Amsterdam-based company, 72andSunny – a Dream Foundation corporate Partner in Dreams – will arrive at Henriquez’ home, presenting him with the Hewlett Packard computer he needs for his studies. To enhance the delivery of this dream, the volunteers will also surprise him with a pizza dinner, and gifts supporting his passions for photography, music and movies. Dominic’s mother and three younger brothers will also receive gifts they’re not expecting. Press is invited to cover this dream delivery.

Henriquez has been diagnosed with end-stage brain cancer and given a prognosis of six months or less.

“This has changed my life from a good dream to a nightmare,” he writes in an application letter to Dream Foundation, while maintaining a determined response to this tragedy. Considering regular hospital visits, limited mobility, strained vision and fatigue he acknowledges it would be easy to neglect his scholastic pursuits all together, but instead continues, “I’m not gonna let this battle stop me from my dream!”

Obtaining a home computer was essential, but due to mounting medical costs and other financial constraints, it never would have happened without the assistance of Dream Foundation.

“Dominic should serve as an inspiration to all students,” says Dream Foundation Director of Communications, Erinn Lynch. “His drive to continue learning despite his terminal prognosis is a beautiful reminder of the gift of knowledge and education.”

Henriquez’ Westech College instructor, Nestor Terrill, has inserted himself as a mentor figure, allowing the student to continue the coursework at his own pace, and making himself available for submission of assignments by email, and by Skype, phone – or even in person – for any other assistance.

Terrill will assist Henriquez with setting up his computer at home.

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