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Dream Foundation Assists Dream Recipient in Locating Family

Saratoga Springs, NY – On April 14, 2010, Dream Foundation, the first national wish-granting organization for adults in the end stages of life, fulfilled 58-year old Herman “Al” Crose’s dream request to obtain a computer so he could locate and connect with relatives before he passes.

Crose, a Saratoga Springs resident, suffers from a terminal form of carcinoma and is currently undergoing two treatments a month of chemotherapy. He wrote to Dream Foundation in late March with his wish to get a computer so that he could search for – and eventually correspond with – his estranged daughter, niece, and nephew.

“My concerns are that I have family who are unaware of the disease I have. They are in different states and there are some in New York City,” said Crose. “Through the years we have lost contact with one another. If I had a computer, it would enhance my search and relieve a lot of the stress I feel day to day.”

On April 8, Dream Foundation sent Crose a Gateway Laptop complete with a camera so that Crose can communicate with located relatives via SKYPE. Upon the news, Crose told his Dream Foundation Dream Coordinator Emily Mullranin, that he was thrilled, and hoped we would put his photo on the Dream Foundation website to assist in his search.

“Our dreamers, like Herman, constantly remind us what is important,” said Dream Foundation founder, Thomas Rollerson. “Family, connecting, making peace, leaving nothing unsaid – these are the things that matter, regardless the amount of time one has left in life.”

Relatives of Crose can contact Dream Foundation at 805-564-2131.

This year, Dream Foundation will fulfill its 10,000th dream for adults battling life-threatening illnesses. As one of the only organizations that grants wishes to adults, its dream recipients are 18-years or older, have been given a year or less prognosis, and meet certain financial criteria – ensuring resources are allocated to those who would not otherwise be able to afford their dreams.

Although the Dream Foundation serves a broad spectrum of dreams, a common theme is “relief” as expressed in Crose’s own words.

For the poor and underserved, “relief” is knowing the heating bill is paid, having a wheel chair ramp built in their home, or receiving a comfortable mattress in which to rest. For families, “relief” is creating joy-filled final memories with loved-ones and ensuring nothing is left unsaid. Nearly 40% of Dream Foundation dream recipients have children in the home. For their children “relief” is receiving support and compassion as they deal with the impending loss of a parent.

In 2010, 15 years after the fulfillment of its first dream, Dream Foundation will realize its 10,000th dream. In celebration of the 10,000 dream recipients – and their heartfelt final wishes – Dream Foundation is asking the national community to partake in the 10,000 in ‘10 challenge.

Honoring 10,000 fulfilled dreams, Dream Foundation is aiming to collect 10,000 gifts in 2010. Gifts can come by way of a contribution of $10 or more, 10,000 donated airline miles, 10 volunteer hours, and other “10-themed” gift options found on the Dream Foundation website at www.dreamfoundation.org.

“This is truly the best way we could honor our dream recipients,” says Rollerson. “Those who have had their dreams fulfilled are the most invested in seeing us to carry on our mission. So often we receive cards and humble donations from our dreamers beseeching us to help others. No one knows better the importance of the service we provide than they do,” adds Rollerson.

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