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Dream Foundation Announces the Fulfillment of its 10,000th Dream for Adults Facing Life-Threatening Illness

Santa Barbara, Calif. – April 6, 2010, Dream Foundation, the first national wish-granting organization for adults in the end stages of life, is preparing for a momentous milestone. In 2010, 15 years after the fulfillment of its first dream, the non-profit organization will realize its 10,000th dream. In celebration of 10,000 dream recipients – and their heartfelt final wishes – Dream Foundation, along with Priscilla Presley, is asking the national community to partake in the 10,000 in ‘10 challenge.

In honoring 10,000 fulfilled dreams, Dream Foundation is aiming to collect 10,000 gifts in 2010. Gifts can come by way of a contribution of $10 or more, 10,000 donated airline miles, 10 volunteer hours, and other “10-themed” gift options found on the Dream Foundation website at www.dreamfoundation.org.

Speaking on the 10,000 in ’10 challenge, famed actress, businesswoman, and Dream Foundation Ambassador, Priscilla Presley, notes, “We’re not just commemorating a number. We are honoring the families who have touched our lives over the years and gathering resources so we can fulfill the next 10,000 dreams. It’s an ambitious challenge, but Dream Foundation is in the business of hope,” adds Presley. “We believe we can accomplish our goal.”

Founded by Thomas Rollerson in 1994, Dream Foundation maintains a 4-Star rating by Charity Navigator and strives to bring joy and comfort at the end of life’s journey. Dream recipients – ages 18 and up – have been given diagnosis of a year or less life and are often financially depleted as a result of their illnesses. From a small office in Santa Barbara, Dream Foundation collects funds and resources to fulfill the dreams of nearly 10,000 adults across the country.

“This is truly the best way we could honor our dream recipients,” says Rollerson. “Those who have had their dreams fulfilled are the most invested in seeing us to carry on our mission. So often we receive cards and humble donations from our dreamers beseeching us to help others. No one knows better the importance of the service we provide than they do,” adds Rollerson.

Dream Foundation’s 10,000th dream is a milestone that represents a broad spectrum of final wishes. One end of the spectrum is represented by basic needs, such as wheel chair ramps, heating, mobility scooters and items as simple as dentures; i.e. dreams that bring simple comfort and relief. The other end of the spectrum is represented by dream weddings, meetings with a personal hero, reunions, and final trips with loved ones. Nearly 40 percent of Dream Foundation’s dream recipients have children living in the home.

Many of their dreams involve creating happy memories away from the drudgeries of hospital rooms and treatments. (Specific examples of fulfilled dreams can be found on the “Fulfilled Dreams” page on www.dreamfoundation.org)

With the current state of the economy, Dream Foundation notes that the resources gathered as part of 10,0000 in ‘10 couldn’t come at a more critical time.

“To date, we haven’t had to turn down a qualified dream. Yet each year we receive more dream requests and – just like other companies and families across the country – we are forced to do more with less,” adds Rollerson. “We made sure the 10,000 in ‘10 gift options are accessible to everyone, regardless of income. All who join us as part of this challenge will be imparting vital gifts of reconciliation, validation, peace, and closure to those at the end of life’s journey,” notes Rollerson.

Dream Foundation (formally Dalmatian Dreams) was founded by Rollerson in 1994, after his family received exemplary care from the hospice and palliative care community. When his loved one expressed a final wish, Rollerson contacted children wish-granting organizations and discovered that although there were many wish-granting organizations for children (around 88 at the time including several nationally organizations) nothing existed for those over 18-yrs of age.

“I realized that any human being, regardless of age, deserves to have his or her final wish acknowledged,” states Rollerson. “Dream Foundation was my way of staying connected to life, and giving back for all that had been given to my family. I wanted to be an advocate for these tender wishes.”

Priscilla Presley is an internationally accomplished and admired woman with a remarkably diverse career that includes success in acting, producing, business and publishing. Presley became involved with the Dream Foundation in 1997, when she hosted a Dream Recipient whose final wish was to go to Graceland. She was so inspired by the experience that she contacted the Dream Foundation and inquired about how she could get further involved. Since then, Presley has hosted Marjoe Gortner’s “Celebrity Sports Invitational” on behalf of the Dream Foundation – as well as several events at her beautiful home; spread word of the Dream Foundation mission on TV and in print interviews; and given of her time generously and unfailingly.

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