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85-Year-Old Colorado Resident Has A Final Dream… To Learn to Read Again

Aurora, CO – At 85 years old, Texana Striggles is facing the toughest challenge of her life: she is battling a malignant neoplasm in her lungs, a condition which will likely defeat her within this calendar year. During her battle, Texana suffered a stroke that has robbed her of some of her most basic faculties. Although most individuals in this situation would not have the energy to take on extra rehabilitation efforts, Texana is determined to regain her ability to read in her final days of life.

“Reading was one of the few activities she could still enjoy with regularity,” says Cinta Proter, the Evercare Hospice Social Worker who has been assisting Texana for 6 months. “The stroke took that pleasure away from her, and we wanted to find a way to help give it back,” continues Proter. To that end, Porter and Texana’s CNA took it upon themselves to help Texana with flash cards, but since time was of the essence for their patient, Texana’s support team decided to seek professional help to teach her to read again.

Porter contacted Dream Foundation to help realize Texana’s dream. For more than fifteen years, Dream Foundation has brought joy and comfort to individuals at the end of life’s journey. From a small office in Santa Barbara, Dream Foundation has collected resources and funding to fulfill the dreams of nearly 10,000 adults across the country. “We are honored to have the opportunity to help make Texana’s dream come true, and we are thankful that Evercare brought us into this effort,” states Thomas Rollerson, Founder of Dream Foundation. “Texana teaches all of us that it’s never too late to enrich our lives through learning,” adds Rollerson.

Dream Foundation called upon the Sylvan Learning Center in Denver to help. Sylvan Learning agreed to match the contribution from Dream Foundation while also discounting their tutorial rate. This partnership will provide Texana with 30 hours of professional reading courses. Although these reading courses are valued at more than $1600, they are priceless to Texana, who is eager to commence her studies this week.

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