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Partner Spotlight: Kindred Gentiva Hospice Foundation

Enduring partnerships are deeply rewarding and create a shared sense of purpose. Since 1999 Dream Foundation has been honored to partner with the Kindred Gentiva Hospice Foundation to provide Dreams to individuals across the country.

We recently sat down with Kindred Gentiva Hospice Foundation’s Executive Director Mary Griffin and President Paul VerHoeve to discuss the longevity of the partnership.

“Our missions are really aligned in supporting the same communities and the same needs,” said VerHoeve. “The relationship has been developed and nurtured over the years and some pretty amazing Dreams have come forward,” Griffin added.

“Throughout the years, with acquisitions and name changes, the mission of the foundation in supporting and educating individuals and organizations who are dealing with life-limiting illness has remained the same” Griffin said. “As a partner, Dream Foundation has never had to turn away a qualified Dream applicant. For end-of-life patients, Dream Foundation truly understands how a Dream can be a huge memory for a patient and for their family members.”

“When a Dream is presented to a patient it is a huge deal. The Dreamer’s hospice team celebrates when a Dream is delivered,” she added.

“For me, it is the little things that Dream Foundation does with such great frequency that means so much to me,” VerHoeve shared. “One of the Dreams that stand out to me was a patient who simply wanted to go out for a meal with her family, but couldn’t leave the house. Dream Foundation arranged for someone to go get groceries and prepare a lobster dinner for them in their home.”

“Dreams that are supported can be simple or complex, small or large,” Griffin remarked. “One of the Dreams I recall was a patient who wanted to go outside one last time and required special equipment to do. Dream Foundation made that happen.”

She continued, “One that sticks in my mind was a young mother who was losing her battle to cancer. The hospice team realized she wasn’t going to make it to the Disney trip that was planned. Dream Foundation worked quickly with the team to create an alternate Dream. They are very responsive to the needs of patients and their families. Whether the patient has 1 day or 100 days, it’s important that the family is able to focus on each other. Dream Foundation enables that one last dream.”

“There are a lot of folks who understand hospice and life-limiting illness, but I don’t know how many people understand beyond the care that is provided at the bedside…to be able to provide a positive experience and leave a legacy. People don’t understand the struggles, the different socioeconomic communities, the patients who struggle to pay basic expenses,” VerHoeve shared. “Dream Foundation with great consistency allows for the alleviation of anxiety and for the focus to be on their loved ones.”

VerHoeve concluded, “We’re working with Dream Foundation on how our foundation can better support Dream Foundation in bigger and better ways as both our organizations grow to meet the special needs and Dreams of our patients and patients across the country.”

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