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A Mother’s Love Letters to Her Children and Grandchildren

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Dreamer: Brenda, age 69
Dream: To leave a legacy to her loved ones through anecdotes, advice and words of wisdom
Dream #: 20,374

When the constraints of illness preclude the ability to perform basic tasks, a dream allows people like Brenda the ability to create tangible gifts of love and leave behind a legacy.

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Photos courtesy of Elizabeth Messina

Often, a mother’s carefully carved legacy is to leave her children with the unquestionable knowledge that they are loved, that their dreams matter, and that what will remain are meaningful and abundant memories.

For some mothers, a dream is witnessing the wonder in their children as they experience a final family vacation. For others, it may be providing the basic comfort of a home: new sheets, a working appliance or reassurance a bill will be paid.

Our dreamer Brenda longed to forge deep and everlasting connections between herself and her loved ones through words. She hoped to write three love letters: one to her daughter and one to each of her two granddaughters.

Most importantly, Brenda wanted her daughter to know how much she had enriched her life and how much she loves her. The love letters to her granddaughters—which were to be opened on their graduation days or 18th birthdays—included advice and words of wisdom, as well as anecdotes about her own life and journey into adulthood.

Due to the constraints of her illness that rendered her weak and easily fatigued, it became increasingly difficult for Brenda to write. She reached out to Dream Foundation for help crafting these letters. The Vice Chairperson of Dream Foundation’s Board of Directors, Hollye Jacobs—also an author, blogger, oncology social worker, cancer survivor and mother—went to Brenda’s side and listened with an open ear as she shared from her heart, dictating her beloved letters. With Hollye’s assistance, Brenda was able to create tangible words and gifts of love.

Dream Foundation also presented Brenda with stunning portraits by longtime supporter Elizabeth Messina, making her treasured letters more special than she ever could have imagined.

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