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Valley veteran receives lifelong wish

It has been the dream of James “Jim” Malone to take his family on a trip to Washington D.C. for years. When Malone was diagnosed with stage four esophageal cancer, he thought that dream was over.

That was before MD Anderson Cancer Center helped Malone and his wife apply for the Dream Foundation, an organization that grants wishes to adults facing life-threatening illnesses.

Malone, a Veteran of the Navy, was informed that now that dream will come true.

“It feels really great because Jim is so proud of his service to his country.” Sheri Malone, Jim’s wife said. “He loves his country and it was great to see him honored for his service.”

The Dream Foundation was able to honor his wish, in part, because of his service in the Navy.

“I was honored to serve, it wasn’t my plan to get honored.” he said from a table in a Chandler Carl’s Jr.

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