Two cancer patients find in each other someone to live for

“I had it in my ribs, my pelvis, up and down my spine, my shoulders,” he said.

Rodney was 20 when he was first diagnosed. It is frightening to face cancer so young.

It’s lonely too.

“When you’re in your 20’s and have cancer, or even in your teens, there’s no peers you can talk to who understand what you’re going through,” Rodney said.

Across the state, 230 miles away in Bellingham, Lynsie Rainford faces a similar fight.

“They did a bone marrow aspiration and the next day they found out it was leukemia,” she said describing her initial diagnosis when she was 15.

Lynsie beat the disease but relapsed at 19 years old. She still travels to Seattle Children’s Hospital for monthly check-ups.

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