Letter of Thanks: Kind Acts for Hospice » Dream Foundation

Letter of Thanks: Kind Acts for Hospice


At Hospice Visions Inc., we are committed to offering comfort, care and love. Because of this commitment and with the generous donation from the Dream Foundation and Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Center, we had the privilege of helping one of our hospice patient’s dreams come true.

On behalf of our patient, family and Hospice Visions Inc., we would like to give special thanks to the Dream Foundation for making possible a final reunion for a father, daughter and granddaughter. We would also like to thank Rising Star Therapeutic Riding Center for helping our hospice patient take that one final ride on a horse.

These kind acts and generous donations of air fare, time involved and coordinating these dreams meant so very much to him and his family.


Executive Director

Hospice Visions Inc.

Twin Falls

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