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Lakewood family wants to fulfill a dying wish

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.57.24 AM LAKEWOOD – A dying father and husband had a wish that was going to be granted by a national nonprofit. He died before it could be granted.

Al Visconti loved working on his yard and garden. During his 11-year-battle with cancer, he could not physically keep up with his landscaping. So, his dying wish was to have a memorial garden created in his memory.

“He very clearly said that he wanted a place for the boys and I to be able to go and remember how much he loved us,” his wife Amy Visconti said.

Amy and Al Visconti have two boys together. Joey is 10 years old. Nicky is 7 years old. Al Visconti had been battling synovial sarcoma since 2004, which started in his leg and eventually spread to his lungs. Yet, Amy said her husband always tried to keep his spirits up. (Read more)

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