Feature: All-In For All Good Poker Tournament » Dream Foundation

Feature: All-In For All Good Poker Tournament

Texas Hold’em is no laughing matter—except when you have a bunch of comedians playing.

Brad Garrett organized a bevy of the brightest comedy talents for the Dream Foundation and Maximum Hope’s All-In For All Good Celebrity Poker Tournament. Garrett, Ray Romano, Jason Alexander, Kevin Nealon and many others brought humor and heart to the tables.

Every little detail of the event was perfect—right down to the playing decks. “The king has Ray Romano’s face, and the queen has mine. That’s what happens when your ex-wife orders the cards,” joked Brad Garrett as he walked into the Commerce Casino ballroom. Garrett stood at the epicenter of everything, bringing together a whole slew of funny people and two crucially important charities at this Los Angeles arena casino.

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