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Dreams for Veterans!

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 10.49.02 AMYesterday morning we headed to the Reserve Officers Association on Capitol Hill for the public launch of Dreams for Veterans.

Dreams for Veterans serves those who have served by giving back to terminally ill veterans and their families through the fulfillment of a final dream. We snapped the Kellogg Organization’s Terry Wall with Veterans History Project’s Karen Lloyd and Elizabeth Slaught, a supporter for 20 years and wife of the board president. The Veterans History Project is a unique program with the Library of Congress to collect veterans’ stories from all over the country.

Guests included those who have received dreams from the Dreams for Veterans program and their families. Here, Dream Foundation Executive Director Kisa Heyer with Schmidt family members Will, Shawna, Wendy and Cary. Guests enjoyed a continental breakfast before the program.

Dreams for Veterans has served the dreams of more than 600 terminally ill adults, with hopes to expand its outreach in the coming years. Here, Eric Taylor of Sen. John McCain’s office joins Dreamer family James and Sheri Malone from Phoenix, with Dreams for Veterans Advisory Committee member Kelsey Martin. (Read more)

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