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Dream Foundation & The Flower Empower Program

During my May Days marathon I’ve been exposed to some amazing nonprofits – and I’ve been asked by many people “if you could work at anyone of them, which one would you pick?”. I’d have to say that my answer would probably be Dream Foundation. You’ll understand why very soon.

Before May, I didn’t know much about Dream Foundation. All I knew was that my dear friend, Diana Wilson, was at one time on their board of directors. Diana has been my main consultant / therapist / witch doctor throughout the development of Just a Little Push. Diana is one of the coolest and most intelligent women I know – oh yeah, and she was the president of Deckers and just so happened to take them public. So, yeah, she’s kind of a superhero and I’m lucky to be able to pick her (huge) brain!

Anyways, since Dream had a special place in Diana’s heart, I had to check them out. I called them and was immediately put in touch with Kaitlyn Turner their Manager of Volunteer Services. Kaitlyn seriously could not have been more excited about my project and asked me to stop by and take a tour of their offices and brainstorm with her. If I have one random skill I can be proud of, it’s that I’m pretty damn good at getting a good read on someone as soon as I meet them – and I immediately liked Kaitlyn. Note- she is now my buddy – another new friend I have gained from my May Days campaign!

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