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BELLFONTE, CENTRE COUNTY – Friends and family of a Centre County woman gathered on to help a deliver a dream. Marty Fleck and several of her relatives will take off for New York City on Monday.

The big gathering in the afternoon in the Bellfonte home of a relative was set up to be a big send off from friends and relatives for a woman who is facing a terminal illness with a lot of spirit. Marty Fleck has battled breast cancer for the past seventeen years. While she has managed to beat the disease three times, in this round she has been diagnosed with a stage four form of the cancer. It’s expected to take her life in the not too distant future.

Fleck says she is terminally ill with breast cancer and has an estimated six months to live. Fleck says she is going to make the most of the days she has left. On this day, she was on the receiving end of a celebration organized by the Dream Foundation. That national group grants wishes for people who are terminally ill.

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