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Dream Foundation grants wish for woman in Church Point

KATC (TV) logoIn Acadia Parish, one woman is got her wish with the help of the Dream Foundation, and a Church Point eye doctor. Of all the wishes she could have chosen, this terminally ill cancer patient only had one vision in sight.

Joann Parker is seeing the world for the first time, through a new set of eyes.
“It was happiness,” said Parker

Parker, who has a terminal form of cancer, was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Her one wish, a simple one, just a pair of glasses.

”(My glasses are) my life. Because without glasses I can’t see. So this is my life,” said Parker.

Her new outlook on life was given to her with the help of Dr. Claudette Smith-Boudreaux who worked with the Dream Foundation to make this dream come true.

“She has a new prescription and she sees wonderful and we’re very blessed that we can provide that type of eyes to the world for her,” said Smith-Boudreaux. (Read more)

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