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Dream Foundation Gives Gift To Lynchburg Man Battling Cancer

Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 1.30.42 PMKenneth Fulcher Sr. has been through a lot of illnesses. A triple bypass, a stroke, and now a third bout with cancer.

Through it all, his love of his wife, his family, and “date nights” of pro wrestling have kept him going, and now he’ll get a chance to have another date night with his wife of 50 years.

For Fulcher, the WWE is appointment viewing television with his wife. When asked where the idea for the date night originated, Fulcher replied “I reckon she just got tired of me watching it by myself!”

With Fulcher’s lung cancer returning, Kenneth has been using a hospital bed at home, a move that upset his wife. Granddaughter Sophia Talbott explains “Nanny has got real upset, because they shared a bed for 50 years, and that was going to be the first step of losing him.” Despite the pain, he insisted on keeping his time with his wife on Monday nights. Talbott continued “Papa said he would forgo any pain or discomfort on those nights and get into bed to watch wrestling with her. So it’s their designated date nights.”

That’s when his granddaughter wrote a letter to the Dream Foundation. On Thursday, the group presented VIP tickets to Fulcher and his wife to see the WWE in Roanoke, and to meet his favorite wrestler, WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, backstage. Jere Bayne presented the gift on behalf of Genentech and the Dream Foundation, who said “It’s more of a reward to us to deliver this, to see the families and say ‘Hey, go have a good time, forget about cancer.'”

The gift may not make Kenneth’s health better, but for the Fulchers, it’s one more chance to share something more than a love of wrestling. Through tears, he explained why the nights are special, saying “I’m never away from her!” (Read more)

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