Dream a Little Dream: The 20th Anniversary Of an Organization That Makes Dreams a Reality

I experienced a first this weekend at Bacara Resort at the Celebration of Dreams Gala, where The Dream Foundation celebrated their 20th Anniversary: As Andrew Firestone whipped the room up into a frenzy during a live auction (he and his wife Ivana really are good at getting dough out of people), I witnessed a 12-year-old kid get up onstage, raise his bidder number over and over, and pledge $15,000 for a Hollywood package that included meeting Adam Levine at The Voice. Usually bidders are a bit older, but the kid was good for the money (his parents were egging him on from the side). The org helps people 18 years and older (over 20,000 of them to date) with terminal illnesses fulfill their dreams—whether it is talking with Laker Kobe Bryant or getting a pair of shoes from Lady Gaga.

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