Dave Bakke: Trip an experience ‘you can’t put into words’

Many couples have special places that mean something to them. It could be Niagara Falls, Paris, New Orleans or Cornland. For Dianna Lyn and her husband, Georgie Belville, it’s Branson, Mo.

“We used to go to Branson to get away from things,” says Georgie. “We sat and relaxed by ourselves. We loved it down there so much we were thinking of moving down there. We always just loved it there.”

The Belvilles live in Beardstown, where most people know Dianna as “Lyn.” They have been married for more than 20 years. For the past two of those years, Lyn has been fighting cancer. This fall, her doctor told her nothing more can be done. She entered Memorial Home Service Hospice.

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