Brad Garrett: Fingers Crossed For Series, Charity Tourney/Who’da Thunk: Neil Boyd Cites Simon Cowell As Great Mentor

Brad Garrett is keeping his fingers crossed that come Tuesday (5/19), his “Til Death” sitcom will be placed in a timeslot it can live with. “May 19 at the upfronts, we’ll know exactly where we wind up,” notes the star, whose marriage-minded comedy with Joely Fisher has managed to hang on despite multiple timeslot switches, a complete disappearance last fall and the fact that, as he candidly notes, “We’ve been ratings-challenged from the beginning.”

With encore episodes from Season 3 now set to begin airing come July 5, “we go into production for Season 4 at the end of July for new episodes that will start airing in September. We’re lucky to have a new season,” acknowledges Brad. “A lot of the people who were behind our show at Fox have moved on or disappeared, but our studio, Sony, has been campaigning hard for us, thankfully.”

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