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Kellirae’s Dream

Now aged 21, Kellirae was born with multiple health challenges, including deafness. Still, nothing seemed to stop her from embracing life. She even joined the varsity cheer team in high school, and her former cheer coach described her as “A beacon of hope and positivity for all of us.”

Recently diagnosed with melanoma, Kellirae dreamed of attending the Super Bowl. “Attending the Super Bowl has always been something I thought I would have time to do. Seems time is not on my side. The roar of the crowd, the cheerleaders, and the fans with all their excitement, there is no other feeling.”

Thanks to the generous support of the NFL and Phoenix Airbnb Hosts, Kellirae’s Dream did come true! It turned out to be more than she’d dreamed of, with a special meet and greet with the Eagles Cheerleaders. She also met with the incredible Super Bowl deaf performers, Justina Miles, Colin Denny and Troy Kotsur!

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