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Frequently Asked Questions: Hospice

We have received several questions from referring social workers about fulfilling Dreams and we would like to take the opportunity to answer a few of them in this newsletter.

What is the timeframe to complete a Dream?
The timeframe to complete a Dream varies from Dream to Dream, but submitting a fully completed application and promptly responding to follow-up questions will result in the swiftest possible progress through the application process which is outlined below.

  • Initial Processing – Two to three weeks.
  • Verification – Varies widely, from one hour to several months, depending on medical team’s response time to requests for medical information relevant to the Dream.
  • Dream Planning – Begins as soon as verification is complete and varies from one day to several months, depending on Dream type and other circumstances. Celebrity Dreams take the longest to plan.
  • Emergency Dreams – When life expectancy is less than eight weeks, the Dream-fulfillment process begins immediately and may be completed in as little as 48 hours, if necessary.

Can I fax an application?
This depends on the Dream applicant’s life expectancy.

  • For Emergency Dreams for applicants with a life expectancy of less than eight weeks, Dream applications may be faxed.
  • Life expectancy is the ONLY factor we consider in establishing emergency status.
  • Faxed applications are not accepted if life expectancy is more than eight weeks.
  • If you fax an Emergency Dream application, please also send the completed hard copy of the Dream application by mail.

What is the income limit?
There is no income limit for Dream applications, however, our goal is to help fulfill the Dreams of those who lack the resources to fulfill the Dream themselves.

  • We look at the complete picture of the applicant’s circumstances, in light of the Dream request.
  • Proof of annual household income is an important part of that picture, and can be supplied in the form of the applicant’s Disability or SSI statement, bank statement, or signature page of latest tax return.
  • We also consider factors such as cost of care, loss of employment, household size and location.

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