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Celebrating a Mother’s Love

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Dreamer: Petronila, 59
Dream: To bring loved ones together for a farewell fiesta
Dream #: 19,759

With your support,
Petronila and her family were able to commemorate their culture and love for each other.

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Photos courtesy of Portraits for Causes

When Petronila, a widowed mother of four, moved to the U.S. from Mexico in 1993, she dedicated herself to giving her family a new life and better opportunities. Taking up a job as a housekeeper, Petronila worked tirelessly to provide for her children. Bertha, Petronila’s youngest daughter, describes her mother as “a strong woman and a hard worker.”

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, 59-year-old Petronila found she could no longer offer the support she longed to give her family. But with the help of her children, her local hospice and community, she was able to turn things around by bringing her loved ones together to celebrate life with a special family fiesta.

Forty family members and friends gathered at Petronila’s home to make her final dream come true. The festive gathering was filled with delicious Mexican cuisine, mariachi music, laughter and togetherness. Petronila truly received her celebration of life – una fiesta de la vida.

Dreams allow families like Petronila’s to see beyond illness and celebrate love, support and community. They enable lasting memories and cherished moments to be part of the journey until the very end.

Thank you for making dreams like Petronila’s come true.

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