Thanks to Southwest Airlines, Maria renewed her wedding vows to husband Glenn.

More than a trip – it’s Southwest Airlines Heart


Over 60 percent of the final Dreams that we fulfill involve travel of some kind, and, as one of our travel partners, Southwest Airlines® plays a crucial role in helping us make such final Dreams come true.

Annually, Southwest Airlines donates roundtrip air travel to our Dream Program to be used by Dream recipients. Additionally Southwest Airlines passengers can donate their Rapid Rewards® Points to our mileage banks. Partnering with Dream Foundation can be a visible expression of who your company is and what it stands for, and Southwest Airlines’s partnership with Dream Foundation shows the world that they put heart at the center of everything that they do.

The trips that Southwest Airlines make possible for our Dream recipients are more than just vacations. Patricia asked us to help her make the most of the time that she had left with her family with a visit to New York. But, as Patricia says, “We know how important it is to make and store up lots of vivid memories. We know it’s more than a vacation. We know it’s a walk on sacred ground.”

Southwest Airlines often helps us get families to favorite family destinations, providing much-needed respite and a chance for parents to spend time with their children. Southwest Airlines helped us get U.S. Air Force veteran Andy and his family to Disneyland, and, as Andy says, “I couldn’t think of a better trip or anything higher on a bucket list than seeing such joy and happiness on my wife and son’s face.”

At other times, it’s about creating memories for others. Southwest Airlines helped us when Maria wanted to renew her vows at a beachside wedding to her husband, Glen. Maria told us, “…my Dream is to leave my husband, family and friends with a memory filled with love, laughter, fun, life and all the things cancer has been taking from me. It is true, my life is ending, but my Dreams are not.”

Quite simply, we would not be able to fulfill all of the final Dreams that we do without Southwest Airlines.

How does partnering with Dream Foundation express your commitment to your company values?

“At Southwest, our purpose is to connect people to what’s important in their lives,” said Megan Lee, Sr. Manager of Community Outreach at Southwest Airlines. “Our work with the Dream Foundation allows us to do just that by providing impactful, and meaningful travel to these families. We’re honored to play a role in supporting this organization.”

Thanks to Alaska Airlines, teacher Brad went to Hawaii where he even helped at a local school.

Celebrating 20 Years with Alaska Airlines


In 2018, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our partnership with Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines donates flights to our Dream Program and Alaska Airlines passengers can gift their miles to our mileage banks.

Over the two decades running up to 2018, Alaska Airlines donated over 1,000 round-trip flights, helping us make over 400 Dreams impacting more than 2,000 people come true, while Alaska Airlines passengers donated over 5,400,000 miles to Dream Foundation – enough to fly around the world over 216 times!

Our travel partners play a vital role in helping us make final Dreams come true. More than 60 percent of the Dreams we fulfill involve travel of some kind, whether we are bringing people together for the last or even first time, or helping them take trips that provide much-needed respite and time with family, like teacher Brad who dreamed of going to Hawaii with his wife and 16-year-old daughter.

Alaska Airlines flies to many key destinations within the United States. Our partnership with the airline helps us get Dream recipients and their families to where they want to go and makes gifts from other supporters go further.

“The mission of the Dream Foundation aligns with our purpose to support communities we serve and those in need. By partnering with Dream Foundation, we are able to provide the foundation with air transportation to make those Dreams a reality.”

— Shaunta Hyde, Managing Director of Community Relations, Alaska Airlines.

Sweet Dreams from Sleep Number


Many of the Dreams we fulfill provide much-needed comfort at the end of life.

Sylvia told us that she dreamed of spending her final months snuggled with her newly-wed husband, saying, “Since my diagnosis, I have been stranded in my bed…on a mattress that I have had for almost 30 years. My body aches all the time from being in bed for so many hours.”

We immediately reached out once more to Sleep Number®, a Minneapolis-based sleep and technology company that has been helping us with final Dreams since January 2018 when another Dream recipient was in urgent need of quality rest.

Sleep Number’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Shelly Ibach, was eager to help and the company generously donated a bed big enough for snuggles and comfortable enough to give Sylvia the rest she needs.

Sylvia says, “It’s made an enormous difference… I am so overwhelmed and overjoyed by this generous gift that sometimes I’m still in awe that it’s even real… There is no way we could have made this happen on our own. We are so appreciative of the love and generosity of both Sleep Number and Dream Foundation.”

To date, Sleep Number has donated four beds to Dream recipients, including Sylvia.

“Sleep Number and Dream Foundation share a focus on improving lives. It’s a privilege to help fulfill dreams by providing comfort and quality sleep to Dream Foundation’s recipients and their families.”

— Shelly Ibach, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sleep Number.

Donor Listing

Dream Foundation proudly recognizes your generosity. This list represents gifts made to Dream Foundation from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.

Corporate Partners
Mission Partners – $500,000 and above
Kindred Hospice Foundation

Signature Partners – $250,000 – $499,999
Hotel Californian

Sustaining Partners – $100,000-$249,999
Alaska Airlines
Kindred Foundation, Inc.
Southwest Airlines

Contributing Partners – $50,000-$99,999
Compassion Partners
Harrison & Star
Myriad Flowers
Universal Orlando Resort

Presenting Partner – $25,000-$49,999
Eisai, Inc.
Hasbro, Inc.
Kyowa Kirin
United Airlines
Westerlay Orchids

Individual, Foundations, and Corporations
Pillars – $25,000+
Kate & Arthur Coppola
Troy Cox & Adeo Alday
Audrey & Tim Fisher
Hammond Family Fund
Peter Hilf
Dancing Tides Foundation
Hutton Parker Foundation
The Roddick Foundation
Kenny & Elizabeth Slaught
Tech Sgt Jack Kushner Ret’d. Foundation, Inc.
Deborah C. van Eck
Ambassadors – $10,000-$24,999
Wayne Baird Memorial Golf Tournamant
James S. Bower Foundation
Sally & Richard Burnham
Chive Charities
Mary & Thomas Cira
Belle Hahn, The Little One Foundation
Maryann Edgecomb
Paula & Jeff Gural
Lisa & George Hagerman
Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation
David Nygren, PhD
Nancy Zink O’Connor
Valerie & AJ Rice
Justine Roddick & Christina Schlieske
Michael Rosenfeld
SIRIS Capital Group, LLC
TPX Communications Employees
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
William E Weiss Foundation
Williams-Corbett Foundation
Wiland, Inc.
Zegar Family Fund
Visionaries – $5,000-$9,999
Laurie & Steve Bozeman
Brittingham Family Foundation
The Brown Family Foundation
Elizabeth & Andrew Butcher
Louise & Tim Casey
Constance Corey
Mark Friedman & Susan Richman
Trina & David Grokenberger
Michael Hammer – Armand Hammer Foundation
Cyndi & Troy Harrell
Lonnie Humphries
Martin & Sarah Jenkins
Susan & Don Kang
Three Ocean Partners
Pamela Mahonchak
Virginia McFerran
Britt & Robert Meyer
Montecito Bank & Trust
Mario Muredda
Optum Ventures
Len Paolillo
Santa Barbara Auto Group
Santa Barbara Foundation
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
Shelley & Paul Schulte – Rudi Schulte Family Foundation
Hollie & Peter Schulte
Cindy & Jeff Shaner
Kari & Peter Siegel
Meghan & Bob Stoll
The Towbes Foundation
Volentine Family Foundation
Waters Edge Golf Tournament
Diane Warren – Realsongs
Kent & Alexandra Weed
Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
Angels – $2,500-$4,999
Gayle Abramson & Mitch Glanz
Amber Andrews
Robyn & Michael Bartling
Blum & Sons Electric, Inc.
Cambron Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.
The Andrew Busch Family Foundation
Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara
Chris Concannon
Scott Crowder
Renee & Mark DePaco
Michelle & Luke Ebbin
Tiffany & Frank Foster
Fred Alger & Company, Inc
Alexandra & Hanson Gifford
Nancy & Greg Hall
Harrison and Star
Hayward Lumber Co.
Hollister & Brace
Diane & Wells Hughes
Susan & Jeff Jordano
Sarah & Dr. Fred Kass
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation
John F. Kelly
Jim Koopmans
Joel Landson
Pauline & Marc Lowe
Nissrin Mahmoud & Bob Fuladi – Indiana Endowment Fund, Inc
Nanes Balkany Partners
Lindsay & Gus Ornstein
Stephanie Pagan
Reiker Pfau
Kristi & Chad Robins
Betsy Sales
Sydney Miller Schaefer & Ben Schaefer
Sandy Sigal
Tamala Slatter
Jimmy Sommers
Speciality Plumbing Inc.
Dr. Carrie Towbes & Dr. John Lewis
Abdi Towfigh Fund To Fight Leukemia
Christopher Wei
Lisa & David Wolf
Yasmine & Sam Zodeh
Dream Makers – $1,000-$2,499
Jad Adaimi
William Adler
ARRAY BioPharma, Inc.
Melissa Attanasio
Bedford & Co. Steakhouse
Lina & John Paul Beltran
William Berglind
Robert Blanchard
Robert Block
Debra Borden
Jennifer Burton
Casa Dorinda
Wayne Clark
Condon Family Foundation
Roger Coutts
Theodore Michael Dolas
William Edwards
Catherine Edwardson
Kyle Ekberg
Roberta & Stan Fishman
Lise Foyston
Donald Fuhrer
J. Paul Gignac
Joe Gonzalez
Greenberg & Rapp Financial Group, Inc
Carolyn Grenier
Keren Hamer
Kimberly Hayes – Maison K
Paul & Megan Hedge
Dennis Hoey
Jeanne & David Hoffman
Mary & Keith Hudson
Jacqueline Indelicato
Kathleen Iwanyshyn
Susan & Palmer Jackson
Carla & Ron Johnson
Deborah & Ivan Kallick
Mehdi Keddache
Darrin Ketter & Christian Azcarate
Catherine Gee and Chris Lancashire
Edward Mainor
Judd D. & Katherine Malkin
Christine Marcello
Jet and Kelsey Martin
Melissa DeLise & John Michalisin, Jr
Diane Miller
Holly & Bob Murphy
Devon Geiger Nielsen – B & B Foundation
Mireille & Peter Noone
Kelly & Eric Onnen
Vince & Marney Otte
Michaela & Ron Parbs
Amie Parrish
Rebecca Player
Vienna Salazar
Lisa & Richard Scibird
Kazuo Semitsu
Patrick Smith
Marcia Spranger
Daryl & John Stegall
Anastasia Stewart
Susan Stone
Margie & Tim Sullivan
Traci Tanimura-Garcia
Heather Taylor & Todd Bogdan
Milan E. Timm
Jill Valladares
Jim & Heike Venturino
Kathryn & James Webb
West Coast Financial, LLC
Carl Westcott
Pat Wiegand
Jennifer Wilson Buttigieg
Lisa & Jim Yabsley
Katie & Dr. Steven Zelko
Believers – $500-$999
Bernadette Bagley
Jason Banks
James & Betty Barber
Lynn & Christopher Brown
Kevin Chard & Robert Ferman
Allen Christiansen
Judy Christoff
Randi-Lynn Cohen
Helen Couclelis
Roy E. Crummer Foundation
Gwen Dawson
Dave Doyle & Kaco Embery
Sharon Duffy and J. Rickert
David Edelman
Jan Everote
Monica & David Fishman
Shari Flick
Madi Hagland-Ford & Stella Crawford
Chris Fultz
Susan Genter
Melinda Goodman
Richard Granoff
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Marisa & Brett Grimes
Amber Harris
Susan & Kenneth Heffner
Ellen Hogan
Heather Ibrahim-Leathers & Eric Leathers
Carl & Ivy Justus
Valerie Kissell
Rosalind H. LaBriola
Jama Lambert
Sandra Lau
Jeanne Lemieux
Charles and Margaret Levin Family Foundation
Lucy Lewis
Jill Lotenberg
Gail Brown Lowe
Armando Mares
Candy Matarazzo
Teresa May
Joseph Mayer, Jr
Sharon McGaffick
Milken Community High School
Julie Mitchell
Ursula & Patrick Nesbitt
Brittany Newarski
Kate & Christina Recanati-Fitta
Maricel Rodriguez
Brad & Nancy Rosenberg
Christina Rottman
Loana Ruiz
Missy & Chuck Sheldon
Steven E. Shulem
Jeffrey Siegel
Jerry & Eleanor Smith
Mark Smits
Terrie Thurston PRA Destination Management
Lesleigh Tolin
Carol Wells
Robert Westmoreland
Constance Zanini
Heroes – $499 and below
Mike Ademski
All Island Kiwanis Foundation, Inc
AmazonSmile Foundation
Jan & Jay Anderson
Donna Antebi
Rosanna Armstrong
Lucille Barchitta
Barr Charitable Foundation
Antonia Bashinelli
Margaret & Robert Bauman
Skye Bendell
Melissa Benoit
Lisa Benson
Joyce Bernstein
Marguerite & Jack Bianchi
George Billings
Rebecca Blackburn
Dolphia Blocker
Larry Bobo
Jillian Boetsch
Audra Boltion
Kyle Brace
Christine Brassard
Chad Breheny
Beverly Brennan
James & Melanie Brewer
Randee Brookins
Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch
Carol Brown
Kimberly Bruno
Kristen Brunson
Thomas Budd
Jeannie Burford
Thomas Burlash
Keith Burnett
Chasey Busch
Dinah & Ricardo Calderon
Mary Ann Calloway
Cameron & Rynell Casey
Sonya & Alessandro Castillo
Center for Diagnostic Imaging Employees
Susan Chait
Julia Chien
Joann Cini
Tia & Jack Clarke
Alan Cline
Kathy Cloud
Lori Conkling
Shawn Corson
Hal Cowen
Anna Craven
Christina Criswell
Christine & Daniel Cronin
John & Marjorie Crowe
Lisa Crowley
Ann Cygielman
Pamela Davies
Anne de Louvigny
Sandra Deasey
Leonard DeBello
Michal Dedera
Maire Dempsey
Bindi Desai
Linda Dickert
Alicia Diez
David Dirienz
Dawn Doherty
Betty & Robert Dominguez
John Doolittle
Noella & Wilfred Doucet
John Dougherty
Emery & Cynthia Duell
Bernard DuPlessis
Patty Duschene
Michael Dweck
Bridgette Dyar
Marilyn Ebbin
Carla Eboli
Barbara Edmison
Ergersdorfer Family
Megan Eisenberg
Tara Elle
Mandy & Matthew Elmore
Kim Entrop
Robert Eskridge
Cissy Etheridge
Lisa Faitell
Marc Feinberg
Frances Ferguson
John Ferri
Kimberly Fetrow
Karen Filipi
Joseph Fink
Jodi Fishman-Osti & Darren Osti
Nina & Michael Fluss
Chan Fong
Michael Foster
Elisabeth & Greg Fowler
Lucinda Freeman
Helen Freischlag
Meredith Friedman
Connie Fueyo
Nigel Gallimore
Jaynthi Gandhi
Anna Gardner
Darin Garr
Katherine Gillespie
Diane & David Gillon
Doug & Kris Gist
Dell Giving
Amanda Gizzi
Josh Glick
Mary Lou Golding
Gwen Good
Google Matching Gift Program
Ruth Grande
Greater Manchester Colt League
Richard Green
Erika Greenfield
Gretchen Gregersen
James Gregory
Jeanne & Vince Griffin
The Grube Family
Ravindra Gupta
Timothy Guy
Lynette & Paul Hall
Koleen Hamblin
Betty & Timothy Hanagan
Julie & Jeff Harris
Kathryn Harvey
Peter Keith & Janet Hauge
Hawkeye Area Labor Council, AFLCIO
Jennifer & Sean Hecht – The Sangham Foundation
Raymond Heller
Cindy & Peter Hellriegel
Brittany Helt
Katharine & William Hennessey
Kathy Henry
Miguel Hernandez
Sheila Hicks-Rotella
Ashur Hillman
Samvada Hilow
Robin & Roger Himovitz
Wiliam Hinde
Laure Hittle
Annemarie Hofmeister
Hooked on Jesus Ministries
Collene Hudson
Justin Huebener
Patrick & Brandi Hughes
Richard Hunt
Rick Indelicato
Lisa Jackson
Brett Jacobs
Debby James
Susan Jefferson
Jeffrey Jenneve
Gayle Jennings
Debra Johnston
Christy Jones
Dylan Jones
Robert Jones
Lisa Joos
Susan Julian
Nancy Junka
Susan Kadner
Jon Kaiser
Gary Kaiser
Lori Kane
Kourtney Kardashian
Jason Kasper
Mitchell Katz
Brenda Keith
Kathleen Kelly
Connie & Richard Kennelly
Alison Kerr
Amy Ketterling
Sofia Khan
Melissa Kieling
Patricia King
Leonard Klein
Jerome & Lauralee Kleinhans
Elizabeth Knajdl
Bret Kobler
Viktoria Kolesnikova
Jennifer Koo
Dave Koz
Jason Kra
William Krause
Madison Krebs
Jackie & Paul Kurta
Gail Kvistad
Amy Lanzi
Margaret A. Lavigne
Stacey Lee
Lindsay Lee
Nicole Lester Ekis
Martin Leventhal
Jeffrey Lewis
Loida Lewis
Mara Lieberman
Jennifer Liebeskind
David Lightfoot
Tracy Lilly
Kira Lindburg
Brett & Victoria Lindstrom
Alexander & Mary Ling
Lisa & Christopher Lloyd
Jim Logg
Maude Lomax-Anderson
Maria Lomelin
Amelia Ma
Beatrice Maas
Monica Mahoney & Paul Adler
Melinda & Justin Mahy
Ellen Maloney
Desa Mandarino
Mark Margolis
Kerry Martin
Kimi Matar
Edward F. Maziarz Jr.
Cynthia McCloskey
Dierdre McDonald
Tina McGroder-Socinski
W. Fred McGuire
Jody & David McKenzie
Eileen Medina
April Medina-Watson & Alan Watson
Randee Meehan
Christina Merrill
Linnea Michaels
Elizabeth & Geoffrey Miller
Lisa Montagna
Gloria Montano
Lisa Moretti
Mary & Jim Morouse
Juliette Morris
Kate & Justin Moser
Gloria Mott
Roberta Myers
Debbie Natelson
Richard Nathan
Elana Nelson
Amy Nelson
Todd Nguyen
Bob & Beatrice Ninfo
Barbara & Joel Novack
Eileen Novosel
Carol & Mike Nygren
OG Mamas Disc Golf Club
Peggy Olcese
Nancy Traver Olich
Jane Overbaugh
Lori Owens
Paul Oxholm
Ray Pais
Ashley Palmer
Costas Papachristos
Susan & Mort Parsons
Jack L. Pearson
Susan Pellish-Thaler
Caroline Pereira
Rob Perota
Lanette & Mike Perry
Brady Perry
Mark Peterson
Debby Peterson
Donald Philips
Gary Portuesi
Gerry & Gina Post
Ali Pulver
Claude Raffin & Jon Gathercole
Jennifer Razor
Steven Reda
Mark Reed
Katie Regan
Linda Reynolds
Darcie Richardson
Kyle Rickels
Suzette Ricks
Jordan Ringstad
Garrett Robles
Marta Rocha
Mimi Rodgers
Valerie & Humberto Rodriguez
Jaycson Rodriguez
Stephanie Rodriguez
Mark & Nicole Romasanta
Lois & William Rosen
Cliff Rubenstein
Dianne Ryder-Rennolds & Randy Rennolds
Barry Sabsevitz
Stephanie Sand
Barbara Schoch
Nicole Schumann
Pasquale Scisci
Robert Segal
Barry Semler
Donna Marie & Rick Seno
Myles Share
Tom Sheaffer
Sherwin-Williams Company
Benjamin Shubitz
Heidi Siegel
Chris Signore
Marc & Kimberely Simon
Tom Sims
Constance Sims
Norman & Claire Slaught
Chad Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Amy & Alan Snook
Allen Sonstein
Soule & Company
Gayle Spiegle
Robin & Melisa Sprangers
Wendy Staggs
Karen Carlucci & Blair Stearns
Craig Stearns
Barbara & Bernard Stecher
Brian Steinwurtzel
Linda Stiegler
Subaru Distributors Corp.
Chad Sullivant
Ashley & Robert Taylor
Teal Becker & Chiaramonte CPAs
Marie Thompson
Lizzie & Andrew Tobias
Barbara Townsend
Denise Townsend Anaya
Amy Tracewell
Cathleen Trask
Robert Travaglini
Paul Trevino & Jim Alexander
Carol Tricase
Sarah Trimpe
Christy Troen
Dana Trovato
Carol Turner
Kristin & Chris Tyng
UnitedHealth Group
US Bank
Martine Van de Weghe
Alan Van de Weghe
Kathy Ventre
Cyndy Villano
Amy Vizek
Susan Chrane Wales
Charles Ward
Cath Webb
Iain & Janet Webber
Brad Weber
Scott & Donna Wellman
Sheila Wells
Dorine Wenger
Teal Wicks
Elizabeth Wilkie
Amy Wippert
Jennifer Witt
Brian Wohlgemuth
Pam & Bennie Wood
Rosie & Jerry Woodard
Jeannine Wriedt
Lonnie Wu
Angela Yadegar
Nancy Young
In-kind Donors – $24,999 and below
4 The Luv of Pets Transport
A Flower Connection
Angela Abrams
Accessories Council
Ace Hotel Chicago
Acqua Panna S. Pellegrino, Perrier, Nestle Waters NA Inc.
Karen Adams
Ryan Adams
Advanced Entertainment Limousine
Adventure Sightseeing / Charleston Harbor Tours
Affordable Dentures, Redding, CA
Affordable Dentures, Corpus Christi, TX
Majal G. Aguirre
aka originals
Josiah Akau
Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo
Michelle Alessi
Barbara & Jon Allcock
Melanie Allen
Amber Lydic Performance Horsemanship
Amy’s Hallmark Shop
Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel
And You Creations
Answers in Genesis/Ark Encounter
Aqua Soleil Hotel
Glory Ariche
Aspen Dental
Atlanta Falcons
Augusta Parks and Recreation
Brittany Avila
B & H Flowers
Babcock Winery
Bacara Resort & Spa
Backbeat Tours
Bagel Express
Bake Your Day
Holly Bander
Brooke Baker
Nichole Bedell
Annette Bailey
Ballet Arizona
Jason Banks
Bayshore Beach House
The Beach Plum
Beachcomber Vacation Homes
Bear Creek Winery
Beau Rivage Casino Resort
Beaver Dam Country Club
Bedford & Co Steakhouse
Bella Trio Spa
Bella Vista Designs
Melissa Bender
Leslee Bertram
Michelle Besser
Best Event Rentals
Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn
Best Western Pepper Tree Inn
Best Western Plus Lackland Hotel & Suites
Best Western Premier Grand Canyon Squire Inn
Bibi Ji Restaurant
James Bilder
BK Adventure
Blackburn’s Specialty Products
Blair Stearns
Blue Harbor Resort & Conference Center
Blue Star Parking
Johm Bonarrigo
Border Limousine
Boston Red Sox
Boston Symphony Orchestra, Inc.
Sharon Boswell
Bow Wow Hollow Puppies
Briarpatch Natural Food Co-op
Mary Ellen Bridwell
Glenda Brooks
Bubululu Malibu Bikinis
Melanie Buesking
Builders Supply Co., Inc.
Bungie Foundation
Cheryl Ann Buntley
Gina & Keith Burnett
Cynthia Burt
Busch Gardens Water Country USA
Brian Byrd
C&S Photography
Cabins for You
Ca Dario Restaurant
Ca’del Bosco
Cajun Pride Swamp Tours
Cakes by Design Edible Art
Sheila & Bailey Caldwell
Callas Florist
Calvisius Caviar
Camping Adventure Ventura
Mary Jo Capozzoli
Captain Noah Fishing Charters
Caribe Royale Orlando
Caring Man In A Van
Casa Munras Garden Hotel/Inns of Monterey
Cassandra Garcia-Hooks
Catering Connection
Cathy Cowgill Flowers
Cave Of The Winds Mountain Park
Champaign Jewelers
Charris Transportation
Lisann Cheaney
Chicago Bears
Chicago Bulls
Chicago Cubs
Chicken Little
Chocolats du Cali Bressan
Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino
Cincinnati Reds
Cirque Du Soleil Entertainment Group
City Sightseeing New Orleans
Ciulla Management
CJB Custom Carpentry
Meghan Clark
Cleveland Browns
Cliffs Hotel and Spa
Cliffside Cabins
Co-Pilott LLC
Coast 2 Coast Collections
CoCo Key Hotel & Water Resort Orlando
Coconut Condos
Heather Cochran
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Colorado Wolf Adventures
Congresswoman Lois Frankel
Connersville Parks and Recreation
Christianne Coover
Cos Bar Montecito
Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Entrance
Courtyard by Marriott, Cocoa Beach
Courtyard Orlando Lake Buena Vista at Vista Centre
The Cottages on the Key
Siv Cotton
Justin Crawford
Mary Crawford
Kevin Cross
Tammy Crowe
Jennifer Curran
Betty Curtis
Custom House Restaurant
Douglas Dale
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Lorraine DarConte
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Betsey Davis
Days Inn Poughkeepsie
Monique Dedeaux
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Del Lago Resort & Spa
Kristen Denny
Destination Niagara USA
Michael Dieter
Craig DiGiamarino
Dionne Wilson Photography
DJ Gavin Roy Presents
Dolly Parton’s Stampede
Dollywood Amusement Park
The Dollywood Foundation
Debbie Doty
DoubleTree by Hilton Flagstaff
DoubleTree by Hilton Durango
DoubleTree by Hilton Niagara Falls
Drink Originals
Driftwood Inn
Drury Hotels Company LLC
Dry Creek Enterprises
Ryan Duhe
Dulan’s on Crenshaw & Dulan’s Catering
Julie & Brad Duncan
Paul Dyster
Richard Eagle
Eastland Suites Hotel & Conference Center
Easy Lift Transportation
Jenny Edwards
Kate Edwardson
Erika Eisner
El Capitan Canyon
El Dorado Hotels
Jamie Eliason
ella & louie floral studio
Embassy Suites by Hilton Washington DC – Convention Center
Embassy Suites Orlando International Drive South
Emerald Enchantments Photography
Emmi Roth USA
Julie Engroff
ENO Brands (Via Saviene)
Susie Eun
Cindy Ewald-Smidt
Express Watersports
EXQ Designs
Jeanine Fagan
Fairfield Inn & Suites Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport
Fairfield Inn and Suites Orlando Lake Buena Vista in the Marriott Village
Chef Elizabeth Falkner
Fatz Southern Catering
Peter Finlayson
Heidi Fiorentino
Charlene Fishback
Jodi Fishman-Osti & Darren Osti
Patti Flannigan-Barr
Kim Flash
Foley Family Wines, Foley Food & Wine Society
Katie Foranoce
Jill Forbes
Tara Forth
Foxwoods Resort Casino
Joseph Friedman
Erin Funderburk
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The Galley Seafood Grill & Bar
Sonya Galloway
Gaylord Opryland Resort
Genentech – Meeting & Convention
George Aubrey Photography
George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Georgia Aquarium
Chris Gibson
Gideon Putnam Hotel
Kathy Giess
Gillespie Florists
Diane Gillon
Leesa Glass
Godfather’s Pizza
Golden Corral Restaurant
Golden Technologies
Google Grants
Google Project Fi
Laurie Gorman
Jane Gosser
Graceland/Elvis Presley Ent., Inc.
Graduate Lincoln Hotel
Grand Canyon Village
Grand Legacy at the Park
Grapevine Convention & Visitor Bureau
Gray Line Tours / Natchez River Tours
Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City
Great Wolf Lodge- New England
Gridley Inn & RV Park
Marisa & Brett Grimes
Karen Groth
Grow Benzie
Guaranteed Heat & Cool
Dawn Haggis
Lisa J. Hall
Lynette Hall
Hall’s Market
Jack Ham
Kimberly & Jay Hamilton
Hamilton Watches
Hampton Inn & Suites Fort Myers Beach/Sanibel Island
Hampton Inn & Suites Raleigh Downtown
Hampton Inn by Hilton Tucson Airport
Hampton Inn Center City – Philadelphia Convention Center
Hampton Inn Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile
Hampton Inn Jacksonville Airport
Hancock’s of Paducah
Meghan Hanlon
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi
Harleys American Grill
Ingrid Harris
Hasbro, Inc.
Tricia Haugeto
Cindy Hawthorne
Healing Arenas, Inc.
Heart Hair & Makeup
Donna Henderson
Henri’s Cloud Nine
Eva Guerrand Hermes – Lole
Hilton Anaheim
Hilton Bentley Miami/South Beach
Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland/Twinsburg
Hilton Garden Inn Orlando at Seaworld
Hilton Singer Island
Robin & Roger Himovitz
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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Niles
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Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach
Home2 Suites By Hilton Walpole Foxboro
Homewood Suites by Hilton- San Diego/Liberty Station
Honolulu Zoo
Horseshoe Bossier Hotel & Casino
Angela Horton
Hospice of Santa Barbara
Hotel Californian
Hotel Tybee
The Hotel Wilshire – A Kimpton Hotel
Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Anaheim
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Huff’s Flowers
Hurricane Construction Cleanup
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Hyatt House Charleston Historic District
Hyatt House Denver/Lakewood at Belmar
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Hyatt Place Orlando Universal
Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis Opera
Ashley Ingraham
The Inn at Jim Thorpe
The Inn on Lake Superior
International Palms Resort
The Island in Pigeon Forge
Rachel Israel
J.R. Watkins
Freda D. Jackson
Jacques Torres Chocolate
Jeffrey Morris Photography
Jennifer DelRe Photography
Jeter the Therapy Dog
Jim & Linda’s Lakeview Supper Club
John Paul Mitchell Systems
Linda Jones
Jump On the School Bus
Ka’anapali Beach Hotel
Kaiser Hospice
Kalahari Resort & Convention Center, WI
Doug Kasner
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P.
Mark Kelly
Joshua Keough
Kerrill & Don Kephart
Ketchum Inc.
Ranjana Khan
Kimpton Hotel Monaco Seattle
Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel
Blythe Kinsler
Kirk Goldberg Editorial Services
Lisa Klein
Knotty Pine Cabins
Knox Pest Control & Lawn Solutions
Julie Knudsvig
Britt Knutson
Megan Koehn
The Kopu Water Company
Karen Korbs
Gina Kouri
Dina Koutroumanis
Jean Kozachuk
Jason Kra
Lucy Kuhlman
Kur Mobile Massage and Spa
John Ladas
Chuk Lamberth
La Pizzaria, Canton, OH
La Quinta Inn & Suites Cocoa Beach Oceanfront
La Quinta Inn & Suites Indianapolis Downtown
Paula & Steve LaBrash
Lamole di Lamole
Marlyn Landis
The Landmark Resort
The Langham Huntington, Pasadena
Lani Kai Island Resort
Le Maison Dupuy Hotel
The Landry Gang – Choot ‘Em
Legoland California
Chris Leidli
Michael Lemon
Leo’s Coney Island Restaurant
Kent Lewis
Liberty Station Hotels – San Diego
Life Chronicles
Life is What You Bake it
Limo 805
Limo For You
Limousine Livery
Jim Livecchi
Erik Loberg
Long Motor Corporation (LMC Truck)
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Arroyos Restaurant
Jill Lotenberg – Jil Photography
Angela Lucius
Lucky’s Restaurant
Chris Lundy
Luis Malagon Films
Christine Macedone
Andra & Ronald Macleod
Magic ACT Salon & Day Spa
Paige Maho
Main Street Floral
MarBorg Industries
Leah Margolis
Marineland Dolphin Adventure
Marriott Vacations Worldwide
Ovidio Martinez
Kelly J. Matty
Maui Comedy Magic Dinner Show
Maui Ocean Center
Maui Surfer Girls
Maui Tropical Plantation
Max’s Bar & Grill
Valley Flowers, Inc.
Maytag Brand-Whirlpool Corporation
Lina Mazzarella-Lazore
Natalie McCollum
Wayne McDaniel
Tina McGroder-Socinski
Matt McManus
Molly McMullen
Cynthia McQuigg
April Medina-Watson & Alan Watson
Melissa Garcia Styling
Melissa Stephens Photography
Men’s Warehouse
Metro Music Therapy
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Terri Miles
Randy Miller
Sandro Miller, Photography
Tammy Miller
Mohegan Sun
Montauk Manor
Monterey Bay Aquarium
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Moshannon Community Center
MOXI – The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation
Carolyn Muhs
My Social Booth
Myer Hotels
Nancie J. Photography
National Eagle Center
NBA Entertainment/NBA Cares
NBC News Communications
Nebraska Athletics
Jackie Nelson
New England Patriots
New Orleans Paddlewheels Inc.
New York Botanical Garden
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Nicole Schumann Designs
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Nike World Headquarters
North East Limousine
Now That’s Entertainment
Nurtured by Nature
Ocean Club at Smugglers Beach
Oculus VR, Inc.
Office of the City Representative / City of Philadelphia
OK Management
Karen Oleszewski
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Outback Steakhouse
Outback Steakhouse Athens, GA
Outback Steakhouse Westover Terrace
Pacific Whale Foundation
Rebecca Palmer
Papillon Group
Amie Parrish
Parkers’ Lighthouse
Bobbie Parks
Rebecca Parrow
Pastega Regional Cancer Center
Patriot Parking Inc.
Jennifer Pauly
Amy Pavlik
Pearl Brewery
Pee Bee & Jays
Chris Peerenboom
Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Rob Perota
Darin Perri
Lisa Powell
Petal Productions
Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Visitor’s Center
Jill Piazza
Piccirillo’s Florist
Pink Jeep Tours
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
Denise Plantz
Pointe North Church
Polynesian Cultural Center
Portola Hotel and Spa
Power Up Watersports
Prairie Lin
Prairie View Industries, Inc.
Kathy Pratt
Jordan Pulaski
Quality Inn, Branson, MO
R&R Pest Control
Judy Randazzo
Linda Rassenti
Red Carpet Limousine, Inc.
Red Lobster Evansville, IN
Red Shift
Kathleen Regan
Regency Inn Fort Walton Beach
Releve Unlimited
Kathleen Remy
Renaissance Orlando at Sea World
Rent This N That
Rincon Brewery
Andrew Robarge
Rocco Donna Salon
Meaghan Rooney
Roosevelt Baths & Spa
Rori Travato
Rori’s Artisanal Creamery
Rori’s Ice Cream
Kirsten Rose
Rebecca & Howard Ross
Route 66 Car Club
Royal Shell Vacations
Stephanie Ruffridge
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Sacred Skulls Art Gallery and Tattoo
Marc Sager
Scott Sallee
Chris & Brooke Sample
San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina
San Diego Zoo Safari Park
San Francisco Zoo
San Joaquin Hotel
San Juan Island Whale & Wildlife Tours
Sanctum Therapy Life
Sandia Park Self Storage
Santa Barbara Airedanse Collective
Santa Maria Novella
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
Santo Mezcal Restaurant
Santos VIP, LLC
Saratoga Hot Springs Resort
Heidi Sargeant
Schaeffer’s Canal House
Kristi Schmidt
Martin Schoeller, Photographer
Sheila Schooner
Shelley & Paul Schulte
Matthew Scott
Sea World San Diego
Seattle Seahawks
SeaWorld Discovery Cove
SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld San Diego
Carol Seidel
Serino Coyne
Shelly & Stephen Seward
Shalhoob Meat & Deli
Cindy & Jeff Shaner
Shannon Jayne Photography
Sheraton New Orleans
Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel
Sheraton Waikiki Hotel & Resort
Phillip Sholian
Stuart Short
Steven E. Shulem
Si Wedding Ceremonies
Cherise Sibert
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Kari & Peter Siegel
The Sightseeing Pass / Philadelphia Sightseeing Pass
The Signature Room at the 95th
Theresa M. Silsby
Silver Dollar City
Stephanie Simon Claffey & James Claffey
Sirata Beach Resort
The Skunk Train
Pamela Slaton
Sleep Number Corporation
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Space Needle
Davina Sparks-Henderson
Sparta Family Fare #408
Specialty Care Transporters, Inc.
Splish Splash
Gretchen Spitzer
Cynthia & Eric Spivey
Springfield Grange
SpringHill Suites Anaheim Maingate
Spyglass Inn Restaurant
St. Louis Cardinals
Janine Stange
Erica Stalter
Jeffrey Steiger
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Steven Himmel Magic
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Studio b
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Suncoast Water Sports
Super 8 Grangeville
Super 8 Hotel
Surf Club At Montauk
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Tammy Henry Photography
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The Tent Merchant
Kami Tester
Texas Motor Speedway
Texas Roadhouse
Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse
Through the Shutter
Tihati Productions, LTD
Toast Design Studio
Toast Spirits
The Today Show – NBC News Communications
Togos Watsonville
Lesleigh Tolin
A Touch of Class Transportation Inc
Trader Joe’s De La Vina
Trader Joe’s Santa Barbara
Tre Lune Restaurant
Carla Treggs-McCray
Paul Trevino & Jim Alexander
Tropical Productions
Alysen Troy
The Tucker House Inn
Tween Waters Inn Island Resort
Ty, Inc.
Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Orlando & SeaWorld Orlando & Kennedy Space Center
Urbani Truffles
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jason Vallar
Valley Flowers
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Vin Rouge Restaurant
Vince Young Steakhouse
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The Village Back Shoppe
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Waterfront Concerts
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Wildcat Lounge
Wildfox Couture LLC
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Wolf Kasteler Public Relations
World Wrestling Entertainment
Nate Wucherpfennig
Tim Yarnik
Trisha Yearwood
Yellowstone Forever
Yellowstone National Park Lodges
Kimberly Yingst
Lynn Yobbi
Zaxie by Stephanie Taylor
Donn Zellet
Zelora Images
Daniel Zurbuch

Legacy of Dreams Planned Giving Donors
Dream Foundation’s Legacy Dream Circle recognizes those who have made a current or deferred gift to Dream Foundation.

Gayle Abramson and Mitch Glanz
Holly Bander
Patti Bonczkowski
Gretchen Burkey Estate
Andrew and Elizabeth Butcher
Marilyn Cole-Shatz
Constance Corey
Scott and Debbie Cusenz
Louise De Putron
Ted Dolas
Rod and Faye Eson
Diane Harlan
Susan E. Hoag
Joel Scott Landson
Nora McNeely-Hurley
Jean A. Robertson
Bernie and Lori Sandler
Faye and John Schwab
Joseph Shafrath
Steven E. Shulem
Kenny and Elizabeth Slaught
Jerry and Eleanor Smith
Laurie Vandeberghe
Diana Wilson

Planned Giving: The Gift of Inspiration, Comfort and Closure
Legacy giving is a charitable contribution such as a bequest or an annuity that allows you to make a future gift to Dream Foundation without substantially affecting your income today. The easiest planned gift is a simple bequest that names Dream Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or living trust.
A bequest is a revocable provision that can be changed at any time but when realized can help sustain a legacy of Dreams for future generations of Dream recipients. A bequest can leave a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the residue of your estate.The amount you designate will pass to Dream Foundation free of estate tax.
A legacy gift is a lasting statement of your generosity and caring for the most vulnerable members of our communities. It is a gift you and your family can be proud of.

Workplace Giving

Dream Foundation proudly partners with employers to provide workplace giving opportunities that make giving easy. Employees can donate with each paycheck and help fulfill Dreams that provide support and compassion.
Employees get the convenience of automatic payroll deductions and the tax benefits of charitable giving. Federal employees can support Dream Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign’s (CFC) fall giving campaign by selecting Dream Foundation with CFC Number 10679.
Some employers offer matching gifts for employee contributions, leveraging the employer’s philanthropic support and maximizing employee gifts to Dream Foundation.

Dream Foundation’s payroll deduction partners currently include:

  • Ameriprise Financial Inc.
  • Center for Diagnostic Imaging
  • The Chubb group
  • Cigna
  • Citrix
  • Compassus Hospice
  • Costco
  • CSX Transportation
  • Optum
  • TPX Communications
  • Ronsonet Chiropractic/Nu-Life
  • United Health Group
  • United Healthcare
  • United Way
  • UPS
  • Wells Fargo

Dream Foundation’s partners with employer matching programs include:

  • Allstate
  • Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
  • American Society of Travel Agents
  • Bank of America
  • Center for Diagnostic Imaging
  • Cigna, VA
  • Compassus Hospice
  • Costco Wholesale Corporation
  • Dell Giving
  • Genentech Foundation
  • Graite Capital Group
  • Microsoft
  • Optum Analytics
  • Patagonia
  • Sentinel Benefits
  • United Healthcare
  • United Health Group
  • UPS
  • US Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wonderful Giving
Please note this is only a partial listing. Employees can contact their human resources or charitable giving departments to learn more about workplace giving.