Here’s an overview of our accomplishments from last year:
from the ceo and board of directors

“What if the things we cherish most in life were the same things we carry with us toward death? Those moments that make us feel awake. Loved. Human. What if we could live our lives—fully—all the way to the end?” — BJ Miller

Each year when we look back at our accomplishments, it is amazing the number of people we serve and the number of people who help us execute our mission.

The loyalty of our supporters and an unwavering focus on our mission helped us serve more than 2,800 Dreams this year and deliver our 25,000th Dream, and we expect those numbers to continue to grow. We developed new partnerships including with the Department of Veterans Affairs, which will help us serve Dreams to more veterans through our Dreams for Veterans program. We added to our board leadership and grew our programs.

We added new board members to deepen the expertise and invaluable advice to guide us to fulfilling our mission.

We also saw growth across all our programs including Flower Empower and the Dream Toy Program. We continue to see an increase in Dream applications for both the Dream Program and Dreams for Veterans. Our signature event, the Dreamland Gala had one of its best years ever, helping us serve more Dreams.

As dying and palliative care become more mainstream topics of discussion, our work becomes more important. Our Dreams play a critical role in not only providing a nonmedical piece of palliative care services, but in helping inform the discussion about the importance of compassionate end-of-life care.

We are proud to report our successes over the past year. On behalf of our Dreamers and their families, we continue to be grateful for your support and hope you will continue to join us in giving life to more Dreams and keeping our proud tradition of never turning down a qualified Dream applicant.