Diagnosis: Adrenal Cancer
"To enjoy a last vacation with her husband"

52-year-old Kimberly understands strife. Her daughter passed away 25 years ago, at 5 years old, and her husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. They have been struggling since then to cover his medical bills after he was no longer able to work. Unfortunately, Kimberly was recently diagnosed with adrenal cancer and given a prognosis of less than a year. She says, “our life has been rough to say the least, and the battle to survive and have hope has been dwindling. I know now that my time is short.” She says she dreams of a trip to San Diego with her husband so they can “get away from the medical bills that keep pouring through the mail.” Kimberly wants to enjoy a few days together with her husband and make some memories that don’t revolve around their illnesses and loss.

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