10,000 gifts to celebrate 10,000 dreams in 2010!

Some say there is power in numbers. This year, for Dream Foundation, the number is 10. In 2010, we will fulfill our 10,000th dream for adults battling life-threatening illnesses. As we are in the business of hope, we’re offering this challenge in celebration of this momentous milestone.

For the 10,000 fulfilled dreams we hope to get 10,000 gifts in 2010. These gifts can come by way of any of the ideas listed below. After all, we’re not just celebrating a number. We are honoring the 10,000 families who have touched our lives over the years… and gathering resources so we can fulfill the next 10,000 dreams.

We invite you to join us on this journey of 10,000 in ’10. Be counted.

Individual Dreamers (children too!)

  • Offer 10,000 miles or 10,000 hotel points to fulfill dreams that reunite families!
  • Host your own “Dream Theme” Party with 10 or more of your close friends!
  • Make a contribution in any denomination of $10!
  • Share the 10,000 in ’10 challenge with 10 friends, via Facebook, Twitter, or a personal letter!
  • Volunteer 10 hours to any of our programs!
  • Tell us what dreams means to you in 10 words or less!
  • Create a “10,000 in ’10” dream illustration and share it with us!

Corporate Dreamers

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor or Dream Makers Circle Member!
  • Adopt 10 Dreams!
  • Encourage 10 employees to sign up for our Employee Giving Program
  • Donate 10% of proceeds from an event or retail sales
  • Provide 10 Gift Cards related to groceries, gas or restaurants!
  • Share with us your 10,000 in’10 ideas!

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