Letter from Thomas — Dec 2009

On any given day, there are dream requests from 85 families stacked on my desk; their hopes penned in letters of anguish, their appeals for help written out in heartbreaking detail. Like Jessica, they are seeking resolution in their final days, a sense of peace, and perhaps one last opportunity to create joyful and lasting memories with their family and friends.

It is no secret that times are tough for everyone, but I believe that no one feels the depths of these troubled times like our dreamers. Victims of circumstance, they are low-income families dealing with devastating medical bills, reduced income, and the emotional and physical burden of a catastrophic illness that will one day rob them of everything.

Dream Foundation finds itself in a unique position. With hospice, hospital, and insurance companies reducing their budgets, more families than ever are turning to us for help. The Association of Wish Granting Organizations lists 88 agencies that serve children, yet in our 15 years of service, we still remain one of the only providers of end-of-life wishes for adults.

We do not have a consistent funding source from local, state, or national healthcare agencies – but what we do have is you. You make our work possible. You make dreams come true.

If ever our families needed hope, peace of mind, and reassurance that they are not alone, it is now. Like Jessica, they deserve to know the magic of a dream come true and the pure love that comes through a final family celebration. We ask that you please consider giving the gift of dreams this holiday season.

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